Sunday, July 20, 2014

email received from the Barlows in Kadens mission

Dear Parents of Elder Robison, 

We wanted to write to Elder Robison's family and let you know we are missing him in Mindoro.  We sent him on the plane Friday to Manila, where he will serve in his new area.  We have been in Mindoro, San Jose, for 3 weeks, but grew to love and appreciate his Leadership.  As a Zone leader he was dedicated and always worked hard. We were very impressed with his willingness to serve the Lord.  The other missionaries loved being around him, and learned so much from him.  Now he will be a Training Elder, which will help many other missionaries in his new area.
You can be proud that your son has a strong testimony, and good heart, and serves well.  Like our Mission President says, "  We want the missionaries not to go on a mission, BUT BE MISSIONARIES for the Church"  He has done that well.  

Now that we as a Senior couple have been transferred to Mindoro, we probably will not see him again before he goes home, but we can tell you he will Serve With Honor as he completes his Mission here in the Philippines!

President Barlow is from Jerome Idaho, and knows that great missionaries come from Idaho!  Maybe someday we can see him again, as we do have family in Idaho, and we now live in Ogden Utah. We wanted his family to know how much good he has done as he has served in Mindoro. You can be proud that he has been a great Missionary here in the Philippines.

Best Wishes to his family,

President Brent Barlow and Sister Barlow

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Letter June 9-15, 2014

Family how you all doing.  Summer should be moving right along so thats good.  Its definitely the rainy season for us.  It has rained everyday for a week here.  No flooding but just a constant rain.  Its a little wet but it does help keep us cool.  I am glad I am still here in Mindoro.  It doesn't flood as much here and it is nice and clean at least compared to Manila.  Even with all the rain we are really trying to work hard on the ranch and the area.  This branch has truly been a miracle for us.  When I first got here the Sacrament hall was pretty empty.  About 130-140 members would go .  We are now at 180-190 each week.  This has all happened in just the three months that I have been here.  We are getting ready to open the overflow now.  This last week they actually ran out of sacrament.  We have just really focused on getting the branch strong.  They used to just show up on Sunday and do what they had to.  Now they are doing everything.  Meetings are happening, trainings and temple prep is starting.  Its been great but hard at the same time.  One of the hardest tasks on my mission but truly rewarding to see the success that has happened here on the island.  As a zone we are expecting about 18 baptisms for the month of June.  The Lord is truly helping su as missionaries.  We had a good busy week this last week.  Sorry the letters have been slow.  Just not a lot of time to get it done.  Monday was p-day which is always busy for us.  Not sure why but its always that way.  Tuesday a good day of work lots of appointments.  Wednesday as well lots of people letting us in.  Trying really hard to get some baptisms in our area.  Thursday another good day for Friday and Saturday we are filled with meetings and baptisms.  Not much teaching.   I think I kind of have the taste of what a bishop does.  Lots of meetings at the church withing the weekend.  We have a bout 5 different meetings plus other things.  Sunday was a good day.  We had two less active families we have been working with come to church.  They hadn't come since I have been here so it was really good to see them there.  Hopefully something has changed and they can come every week..  After church more meetings.  Then we went and worked.  Later that night we ate dinner at the Heywoods house.  So that was my week sorry its kind of short but I have been very short on time.  I will try and write a better one next week.  Well all of you enjoy your summer back home.  Thanks for everything you all do.  Love you all.  Love Elder Robison