Saturday, January 10, 2015

email 12/14/14

Hey everyone how are you all doing we had a great week this week and I had my last baptism right before I come home it is a good way to finish he is such a good guy with a strong testimony and i am very excited for him he wants to go to the temple soon. It was the perfect way to finish my mission Now it is christmas time and we will just be visiting alot of members. We are also teaching  a family of 4 that in January will hopefully be baptized they are doing good. I found out that one of my members here will be flying to utah on the 19th to go to the mtc and I might try and go pick him up cause he is stuck in Utah for a day with no one to pick him up so that will be good. We also got to watch the christmas devotional which was good Christmas really needs to be brought back to the real meaning and focus on Jesus Christ then we will find real joy from Christmas and serve others. sometimes Christmas with nothing is the best Christmas and definitely one that you will remember. Well I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the holiday season. love you all. 
Love Elder Robison

email 12/8/14

Well I guess I'll just write you all a quick letter and tell you that I am okay and that nothing really happend we just had to stay inside all day yesterday for nothing it didnt even hit until late last night and it only lasted about 1 hour and it wasnt very bad here. Pday was very boring sitting in the house all day long. We do have a baptism coming up this week so hopefully it goes through his interview will be later today actually. Well not much went down last week just people preparing for the storm and stuff like that so nothing to exciting for my week. We have been working hard. Its a little different actually coming to an end of my mission. Everything I am doing is preparing for going home I am dealing with government things and last interviews and stuff like that next week we have a class we will go to that is supposed to help us adjust and get back into the world. Well it will be good. Just have to finish strong. Well love you all and hope you have a good week talk next week. 
Love Elder Robison 

email 11/30/14

We had a great week this week and it went quick it first started out with me having to go to the imigration to get fingerprinted and to sign a lot of papers for me to go home. We finally got that all finished up then I had to go and have an xray of my chest to check for turbercioloses or something like that. after that day we finally got to get to work . We found a few new investigators but they were just part member familes that want their kids baptized and so we will work on that for the next little bit. We also had our stake confrence this week and president Ardern came and spoke and it was really good again the focus was on missionary work and then towards the single adults. He really hit on how important the members are to missionary work, and making sure that a convert will stay in the church. Then he spoke on how the single adults are letting the world get to them and they are losing focus of the guidance that is given from the prophet. He told us all not to be afraid even if you dont think you are ready. If we live the gospel and pay our tithes the lord will make up for the rest. He gave a really good talk and I enjoyed it very much. He spoke very bold to us all. I have had a great week and i know that this is the true church and that Heavenly Father will help us when we are in need but we must do all that we can first. I love you all thanks for everything

email 11/24/14

We had another good week of work and are doing really good. Things this December will be busy so it might go faster than normal. Right now our goal is to get two baptisms before i go home in December and I think we will get it and thats the goal for the whole mission. Our mission has changed so much since I first started. we use to average about 45 baptisms a month now we are up to close to 100 each month so it crazy but it has been so good to be apart of the change. My companion and I are doing really good. The members are all really happy that this will be my last area, and it will be fun to spend Christmas with them. We had alot of people come to church again even though Pacuio was fighting they all still came haha. Lately I have been trying to study the atonement more and mores so on the enabling power of the atonement and that is the ability to over come trials. When we are weak we can rely on the grace of Jesus Christ to get us through. Through him we can find strength that we dont have alone. Its really interesting to study there is alot that we dont know about the atonement. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and that we can do all things through him. Thank you all for everything love you all
Elder Robison