Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Me, Elder Tonga, Elder Salisbury, Elder Mejos

Email 10/26/14

Hey everyone how are you all doing I hope everything is going great back at home. We had another really good week here and got everything going good.  We found 6 new investigators to start working with and so that will be good and fun. Nothing to crazy happened this week, just normal but a good one. Time really starts to fly by. We have a great ward here and the single adults are really cool in our ward. We had 7 investigators come to church so that was good and we will have another baptism this November 8th so that will be cool she just got married so now she will be able to get baptized. She is excited this has taken her six years so its definitely time. My comp is really cool and we get along really well and he is funny we have a good time together. I kinda hope to stay with him for my last transfer and in this area but not sure what will happen to me I have just one more. I really love it when people realize how much the gospel can help them if you just follow what it asks and live it the best we can and then when we fall short apply the atonement. It can truly change lives and help people in trials. We need to all sustain our leader by following what they ask us to do even if it isn't the cool thing to do. I am very grateful for this church and all it gives us in life and I know this church is true. Again hope you all have a good week. Love You all\
Love Elder Robison

Monday, October 20, 2014

Email 10/19/14

hey everyone how are you all doing. We had a good week and finished it with another baptism and it went really good. Now that she got baptised both of her older brothers now want to listen and that will be really good. Her and her sister have kinda set the example and they are all wanting to follow so its good we will start teaching them. its been good in the ward the single adults have really started to help us in our work and always have us come to there activities and stuff i really like them all. i met a guy that i think david taylor baptized when he was here. his name is Rommel oliquino Paliza he was only 8 but he said that an Elder Taylor from idaho that owns a car dealer ship baptized him and he would love to contact him if david taylor knows him at all. On the other hand just a normal week nothing to crazy. I really loved the confrence  last week they are definetly more meaningful when on a mission i feel. Well i hope you are all doing well i love you all sorry just a short letter. 
love Elder Robison

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Email 10/5/14

Hey how are you all doing we had a good week. we were taking care of two areas this week so lots of travel but it was actually kinda nice. We had lots of people to teach so it was good i worked with elder Salisbury which was fun. I found out this morning that i will be staying and getting a new companion ill be the district leader again.my comp. he is another polinisian kid and we will see how he is i wasnt a big fan when i met him so we will just see how it goes. We had 10 investigators come to church. We should have a baptisms coming up on the 18. so that will be good. This could be my last area but am not sure still have another transfer after this one so i could transfer again but not sure. It was a good week and we got some good lessons in. well sorry its short but thank you all for everything love you all and enjoy the harvest season.
Elder Robison