Monday, March 3, 2014


The shirt Kaden and his companion bought for Robert Eudela for his birthday

Celebrating Elder Cava's birthday

Kaden, Robert Eudela and Elder Cava celebrating his birthday

Kaden eating onions and peppers can you believe it

February 10-15, 2014

Family so hey how is everyone doing. I hope your all doing really good and enjoying yourselves in the cold. Last I heard was that there was a lot of snow in the mountains but really warm down low. Sounds like you will all be getting ready to farm soon. Ha that's always a good time of the year back home. Dad gets really stressed out and starts to worry. Just like every year it seems to work out just fine. If I were all you though I would enjoy the snow while you have it. It has just been really hot here like normal but now its summer so its even hotter. The work here really slows down when summer comes. The people start to sleep more and are always inside so we don't get to talk to as many people. Well as for me here my last week was just a normal week. It started out with p-day on Monday. We emailed then went to a mall to look for some stuff. We then saw a bowling alley and my comp said he had never been so since I love bowling I said we had to go so just us two went and bowled. It was fun. Tuesday we had a normal day but first we had our zone training that we went to after that back to work. We taught Mary Jane again and within just one week she had read through Jacob in the Book of Mormon and answered all of the questions we gave her out of the pamphlets. She really is a golden investigator. She is a little shy but loves the gospel. Wednesday slower day but we taught June Arca and his wife. They are new but they don't really want to commit to us because their whole family is Catholic so they are worried about their family. We will see though if they will soften there hearts to our message. Thursday morning we had a service project at a members house. She is very poor but collects trash and takes it to the junk shop for money. We helped her divide it up into different piles so we dug around in the trash all morning. Later that afternoon went out to teach. We got Maia ready for the baptism and had another great lesson with Mary Jane. The spirit is very strong in the lessons with her. We then taught the BocBoc family it was a good lesson with the spirit. I feel very bad for them. They have nothing no power or bathroom they just go outside. They are always so kind to us. Friday we went and finished the service up and then had weekly planning which took a long time. After that we went out and nobody was home so that was a slow day. Saturday we had the baptism. 1 investigator and 3 children of record but we did the baptizing. Then our investigator that got baptized invited us over for lunch. We then had priesthood session and the adult session for stake conference. Sunday we had Stake Conference in the morning then the sisters made us all lunch. We then went out and taught. We found a new investigator named Alfred, not sure how serious he is about church yet but we will see. Later that night we had dinner with the Burhal family. Normally Brother is very quiet so I didn't know about him but he is way cooler than I thought. He is the second counselor in the Bishopric. So that was my week nothing to crazy had a good baptism. It was a pretty good week. Hope you all have a good week. Thanks for all that you do love you all. Love Elder Robison.

February 3-9, 2014

Family hey how is everyone doing. I hope everything is going good and that its still snowing. It has gotten so hot here lately. It doesn't really even cool off at night either. Sleeping has been more difficult because of it. Its all good though this is my last hot season here so before I know it I will be sitting in the snow back home. It should be starting to warm up for you guys back home at least here in a month or so then before you all know it you will be sitting in the tractors again. So other than its gotten really hot we still had a pretty good week. On Monday we had a regular day no p-day we taught a few lessons. We taught our new investigator Mary Jane and gave her the Book of Mormon and she accepted to be baptized. Tuesday we had the baptism and it went good. We had to sing at it. It turned out good for only having 10 minutes to prepare. Then after we went and taught a new referral we got. They had lots of questions. They invited us back to teach again. Wednesday was our temple p-day. It was good to go to the temple. Its always so relaxing there and peaceful. After we just came and emailed but it was slow you were all busy. Then we had dinner with Tatay Fudela. Thursday another good day of teaching with some good lessons even though our new investigator said yes to baptism she is still so shy. She hides her face and will hardly say anything but she listens really well. Friday I had to go to a meeting for the District leader stuff. It was good we all went and ate after. Saturday good day we taught a few lessons our new investigator Mary Jane read 15 chapters from the Book of Mormon so she is doing really good. We are excited for her she is golden. Then the next day at church she was there so she is good. We got the confirmation done and we have another baptism next week. We are finally getting these young kids all finished up so that was our week. It was pretty good. We hope to have another good week. I hope your all doing good thanks for everything you all do. Love you all and enjoy the cold. Love Elder Robison

January 27-February 2, 2014

Family hey how is everyone doing. I hope your all doing good. Time is moving right along. We started a new transfer this week and I got a new companion. His name is Elder Cava from Fiji a nice kid just Fijians are always a little more hyper all the time and loud. He was actually in my last zone in Taguig so we already knew each other from before. As for you all back home I don't really know what is going on. It seems like I haven't heard much lately. I think the super bowl was this week. Hopefully you all had fun and got to have a little party. Other than that I think all of you just take care of little kids now haha so that I am sure is fun and a handful. We have kind of been doing the same thing. Most of our investigators are children so we are just trying to get them taken care of. Well I will tell you about my week. So on Monday was just a regular day. I went and worked with Brother Aris because I didn't have a comp yet. He is the Elders Quorum president and I really like him way nice dude. He added you all on facebook. He knows perfect English so you can all talk it up. We had a good day taught a lot of lessons and it was good. Tuesday was finally p-day we got to email but everyone was really slow to respond back so it was alright. Then they all wanted to go and get facials so we did that after. They are really cheap here and it seems like all the Elders always want to go get them. Then we just hung around at our house. Tell we had an FHE that night it was good. It was a really poor family. We were out underneath some Banana trees. Wednesday was transfer day. I finally got my new companion. We were in a threesome for like five days. I don't like to be in a threesome so I let him get settled in to the house then I took him and introduced him to some people. Thursday we had a good day of work we taught a lot of lessons to the investigators. Friday normal day the sisters in the district had some baptisms. They baptized a 92 year old lady. It was a good day for them. Then we had to do weekly planning. Later that night we had a FHE with a lady and she invited some friends. Saturday we were studying and then the travels assistants stopped by to go on splits with us. That is what they do as their calling. We worked with them. It was an alright day. Sunday we had church and everyone came to church so it was good. We will baptize John Michael Bocboc on the 4th so that will be good. Just a 10 year old kid. It will be good later that night we had dinner with our first councilor he is a really nice guy. That was my week. Nothing to crazy just starting another transfer. Hopefully this transfer will go good and we can get a lot done. The ward is a little weak here it could really use some priesthood holders. Well have a good week thanks for everything. Love you all. Love Elder Robison


me and Elder Shenk

Eating on a banana leaf it is called boodle fight

Eating balut

Dinner at Iwase's

Missionaries with Chedz Acal

John Michael BocBoc's baptism

me and Elder Cava

Lunch at Army Navy

Aristio Ramos (Elders quorum president) Brent Ward, Elder Ebro, Elder Cava, Elder Sinch, Elder Robison
Front row Kate, Kellie, Brother Ely Macasinag (Ward mission Leader), 

January 20-26, 2014

Family hey how are you all doing? I hope that you guys had a good time in Hawaii. The pictures looked like you had a good time. Everyone makes it sound like there is no snow at all there so that stinks and is no good. I am sure dad is starting to worry about farming. This transfer is close to being over and we didn't get to finish it very good. I will tell you why. So Monday was p-day it was alright. We emailed and then had a zone activity. We just played games and ate lunch but Elder Schenk was really being weird again. After the activity he asked for an interview with the Zone Leader. Turns out he is struggling again with feelings and promptings. They tried to help him but by the time we got home he was back to struggling with things so President had the doctor call him. The doctor told us to just stay in and not work. Later that night we had to take the key to our Bishop. It's like a ten minute walk. It took 2 hours because he wouldn't just walk. He just looked so confused about everything and he would just stop0 walking. I was really frustrated. Wednesday we went on splits so I didn't kill him just kidding but they took him to see a specialist. He was a little better that night. Thursday we had our interviews with President finally. At first Schenk wanted to go really early. Then he tried not to go so we made him go. I went first. He asked about me and then it was about my comp. So he has a lot of problems. They are worried about him. I finished then Schenk went in. He came out and President said I'll call you so we left and then Schenk said he needed to go tell President one more thing so we went back. President came out and told me to take him to the MRC and meet the doctor so I did. The doctor talked to me because Elder Schenk tells them all different stories. Then they talked to him they kind of figured out that he is like going kind of crazy. I don't know what they call it so we stayed there for a few nights. They will be sending him home so its not good. I feel bad he don't think there is a problem so he don't want to go home. They told me he is not safe to be here right now so that was the majority of my week. Sitting at the Missionary Recovery Center. The did feed us really good and I took my first hot shower in a year. I actually took like 10 it felt so good and refreshing. I got to leave Saturday night and go home we are in a threesome right now. We went to church. It was good not everyone showed up but we didn't get to visit everyone so it makes sense. I found out my new comp will be Elder Cava from Fiji so that will be ok. He is a nice dude just can be a little rowdy at times. That was my week. It was definitely different. Well hopefully your all doing well. Hopefully it snows for you guys. Well thanks for all you do and I love you all thanks love elder Robison