Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Letter 7/15-22/13 & pictures

Family, hey how is everyone doing. It's Sunday morning here so I think your all probably standing in line at Brenan's reception. Well when you get this that will be old news. Ha and your probably glad it's over so everything will calm down. Well I hope your all doing really good and enjoying your summer. Before you know it you will be back to cutting grain but that's always a fun time of the year one of my favorites. July is about to come to a close then into August. That's when the flooding is the worst so they tell me. It hasn't rained a whole lot here just every once in a while. I am waiting for a really big storm still. So on Monday it was P-day and we went to a mall to go eat but our support hadn't come so we just ate at McDonalds. We didn't need to travel that far for that but it's all good. On Tuesday we just had a regular day of work but there was a lot of commotion behind our apartment. There were news people everywhere. They thought a kid was kidnapped at first but the kid got locked in a car and died. He was only 4 and was in there for a really long time. The parents claimed they couldn't see anything in the car because the windows are so dark but we saw the car and you could see through the windows so we think they did it on purpose. On Wednesday I went on splits with my District leader. He wanted me to come help him find some new people in their area. We found a lot of new people and walked a ton but that's alright I am used to it by now. On Thursday we were told to find a new apartment so we spent the most of the day doing that. We found a few. We should be moving out of here on September 1st that would be nice. This place has a lot of problems. Friday the couple missionaries came and checked out the apartments we found then I went and worked with Elder Fisher because his comp was sick and they needed to work in their area so I went with him and my comp stayed with his. On Saturday we had a lot of appointments so it was a busy day. We taught a lot. Our last appointment was with Brother Bong and his dad was there. He is a less active. We taught about the Book of Mormon. I looked at his dad and he was crying. The spirit was so strong and it really touched his dad. At the end of the lesson the dad said that his family will all be at church. It was really good so hopefully we will see them later today at church. So they didn't all end up going to church the dad did which was good but Bong didn't come so not sure what happens there. So I guess we will try to get him there next week. Sounds like all is good t home your all enjoying a new boat sounds like so thats fun. Ha I was a bit surprised to hear that he bought a boat but that will be fun for the family to enjoy together. I would like to see some pictures of what you have all been doing. As for me I'll be in the Philippines trying to survive the floods. Well thanks for everything you all do. Love you all. Thanks again Lover Elder Robison

A mouse we caught in our apartment there are a lot more

A brown out

My MTC comp Elder Vea's first baptism

Catching a ride on the back of a jeep

Elder Fishers baptism

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Letter 7/15/13

Family, hey how is everyone doing? Your probably all enjoying your nice summer. Farming has slowed way down probably. Ha I am sure your all enjoying the cabin as much as you can or you might all just be busy getting ready for the big day. By the time this letter gets there Brenan and Alli will be married so that's pretty crazy. it didn't take long. Tell them congrats for me and that their wedding gift is all my clothes Brenan has took. Every picture I see I can tell he has been in my closet a lot more then his own. That can be his gift. Other than that you summer seems to be flying by and it will be harvest time before you know it. Mom send pictures of the farm. Sounds like your Martin's Cove trip was good and that you had a few problems. I have learned since I have been here that things will work out so don't stress to much. As for the Philippines things are good. The new area seems to be doing alright. We get fed a lot more here. The members are always wanting to feed us. That's one good thing. As for my whole week nothing to crazy went on. We have been teaching a lot of people. So we will see if they come to church like they say they will. People will tell you anything but they don't always do what they say. We found an investigator named Bong. He came to church last week. he is progressing really well. He has lots of weird questions though that really don't matter but they really matter to him so it's alright. There are a few others that we have contacted so we will see what happens today at church. The best part of the week was Saturday. We got to go to the temple for one of Elder Millora's converts that was being sealed together. We went through an endowment session which was good because I haven't been able to go. Then after we went to the sealing. The spirit was so strong there and just a happy moment to see two people sealed to their family. They were so happy. Even though I didn't know them it made me happy for them. It made me so grateful that we as members of the church have the opportunity to be sealed and live with our families forever. You could feel the presence of the Lord there in the room with us all. I am grateful that I will be able to have that opportunity one day when I get back. It truly is a blessing to all of us from our Heavenly Father and I believe that nothing makes him happier then when two of his children are sealed for eternity. That was a great part of my week. I am very grateful for the temple and am blessed to have one in my mission that we can attend and back home we are blessed to have two temples so close and we need to take advantage of that opportunity. There are many people here that are a good 10 hours from a temple or just can't get to one. We are truly blessed. So that was a great part of my week. Other than that nothing to crazy has happened. Try and keep me updated on how things are going and how the farm is. Thanks for everything you do and for all the support. It means a lot. Love you all Love Elder Robison
The nasty river in our area, it smells terrible

the boat we take across the river

The jungle

Ward family home evening

The sealing

The Kabahay or roommates

Elder Fisher being crazy in the street

The deer in the Philippines

The city

Using the pay phone

flooding in our area

Brother Natividad cooking us some food

Elder Medalya not feeling so good

Friday, July 19, 2013

Letter 7/8/13

Family, hey everyone how are things going? It's probably been really nice back home. Hopefully your all enjoying the cabin and the Sutton family reunion. Your all pretty busy with the wedding I am sure so that's good. I am sure it will all be good and turn out really good. I am sure I will receive some pictures of everything that's been going on. That will be fun to see. It's been weird to miss everything and not be apart of anything. So much will have changed. Lots of people will be married and babies running around. I will have missed so much but I guess that is just part of the life of serving a mission. Well let me know how everything is going back home. As for me I am now in the Taguig Zone. It's the city but not he big part of the city. There are lots of people everywhere. I am still lost in the area. It's confusing to get around. My Companion is Elder Millora. We are white washing the area. Both Elders that were here have been transferred so we both are new to the area. My comp served here like a year ago so he knows how to get around at least but we still don't know everyone. The ward just split here too so now there are two wards. This is the first week with the new ward so hopefully all is well. I will have to introduce myself in sacrament meeting. It will be alright. It's crazy I am into my second area. I feel like Heavenly Father has helped us out so much here. We have been in the area for 4 days and we have found 4 really good new investigators. So for a white wash it's been going really good. Two of the four want to come to church today so we are going to go pick them up and take them with us. I hope they really enjoy church and continue to want to learn more. I don't know about the area yet but I am sure it will be good. I hope we have some good members in the ward. I met the Bishop he seems like a cool dude. Ha from looking at him you might think he does drugs but he is a really nice guy. They say he is really good to the missionaries. We have dinner at his house later today after church. We will try to get to know him better. This area definitely has a lot more in it then my last area. There is a McDonalds in it so that nice other than I am probably going to gain all my weight back. I spend a lot more money here. We have an actual grocery store, actually two of them so that alone is a lot nicer. We seem to have more people to teach. The 1st counselor in the Bishopric is a pretty rich guy. He has actual couches in his house. They felt amazing to sit in. They're the first couches I have sat in since I left home. I think the people here have little more money so they have nicer things and houses so that's a change. We have a nasty river in our area the water if black it is so dirty and it stinks like crazy. Hopefully this will be a good area. We have zone interviews on the 10th so I will get to meet the new President. Everyone said that he is way cool so it should be good. I live with a kid from Utah Elder Fisher and another Filipingo Elder Madalye. They are alright. Fisher is a funny dude. Hopefully all goes good. Keep me updated on things back home. I know a lot has been going on so your all busy. Thanks for everything you all do. Love you all. Thanks Love Elder Robison

Shaylee Jacobs who is in the Dominican Republic MTC sent this in her email. They just got a new missionary sister from the Philippines

She spent the day with us because her companions didn't come until late last night. She is the tiniest little lady and so quiet but it was great to get to know her! Guess what... She knows Kaden! Shes from the same city. She said she doesn't know him well but she met him once in the temple she said he speaks very good tagalog. It was so fun to know she knew him though! She speaks English but not a ton and she is super nervous about learning Spanish and here is the biggest kicker, shes 37 years old!! Until now I didn't know sisters could serve until they were 40! Shes super sweet though and will do well. That'd be so hard to be on a mission at that age. She was baptized as a 26 year old. Its remarkable some of the stories of the missionaries here.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

June 24, 2013 letter

Family hey how is everything going at home. It should be pretty warm and probably pretty busy. I think you will get this letter around the 4th of July. So you will probably be up at Island Park enjoying the week. Hopefully the fireworks are better this year then last years. If they will even do it. Ha it will be weird to not celebrate it. Here the 4th is just another day. Their Independence day was on June 12th and they don't do anything really. People just don't have to work. But the 4th was one of my favorite weeks so I will really miss it this year. Well hopefully you all have fun. Make sure and tell Matt Happy Birthday. Ha and make sure and go with the Jacobs like last year. Well a little bit about my last week. On Tuesday it was just a regular work day but it rained all day and the town flooded so we were in water up to our ankles not to bad yet but the water is disgusting. It's black and gross. So that was a first. July is the worst time for the rain. Then on Wednesday we had a zone conference. It was good. We just did a lot of workshops and then they fed us a catered meal. It was alright no the best but it was free. Then we had a little goodbye meeting for president and our zone sang a song or a special musical number. We didn't sound good because we had only practiced twice so it sounded pretty bad. Then President and his family bore their testimonies. I am excited to meet the new President and see how things change. Thursday just normal but it rained again and on Friday it rained. Well sorry for another short letter but not a lot happened this week just a lot of rain we did find two new investigators so h9opefully they will got somewhere and want to change their lives. I am still really struggling with the language. I don't know why but it just doesn't click in my head. I can understand a little but trying to speak and put sentences together is really hard and when I do people don't get what I am saying. I haven't found an effective way to learn it yet so I just keep struggling. I wish I could speak so I can at least be an effective missionary and actually help people. I really would like to help these people but I feel like I can't unless I know the language. Hopefully soon. Well thanks for everything tell everyone hi for me and have fun at the cabin. I love you all thanks for the support. Love Elder Robison

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A post on facebook from Daniel in the Philippines

''that feeling you've been attach to them,then the time came you will never see them again'';-(i miss robison and gillete.this message is for them..thanks for everything elders..im sad that you're all gone.you guys made me realize something..i dont know if i have to continue what we started but i am thankful that i met you guys.months maybe not a long time to be with you guys and that time was one of the great chapter of my life.though i'm not a church member yet but it feels me that i found one piece of thing which can be completed my life.i know god brought you here for some purpose and thi is part of his plan.hoping that i always have a strenght to overcome all the trials.i am so happy that somewhere in my life you elders are been of it.thank you so much.i will miss you guys.farewell elders!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pictures saying goodbye to Bingagonan area

Migs and I

Last time

Saying goodbye to Dan

Saying goodbye to the Apiado family

Saying goodbye to the Peras family

Monday, July 1, 2013

June 17, 2013

Family, Hey how is everyone doing? It's right in the middle of summer time back home. I am sure your all really busy, but that is alright. So let me know how your trip to Martins cove was and tell me about the hard things and some of the cool things that happened. I bet it was a cool experience to have. Once you all get home I think you said everyone will probably head up to the cabin for the 4th of July. That's always a fun week in Island Park. Ha I am sure you will have lots of visitors that stop by. That will be fun you can play volleyball with the Jacobs and everything. Ha hopefully the fireworks show is a little better this year. Well just a little bit of what Has been going on here. On Tuesday it was just a normal day. It rained a little bit. Then on Wednesday we went on splits. I went with Elder Coe but we stayed in our area so we taught the same people that we always do. I wish we could get Dan to want to change. He won't come to church and we can't make any progress on his smoking. Something is holding him back and I don't know what it is but I would like to see him get baptized but I don't think I will get to. I bet I get transferred on July 3rd because I have been in this area the longest. Hopefully my next area has a post office or I will only be able to mail a letter every two weeks so hopefully it does. Anyways on Thursday it was just a regular day. On Friday we worked with the couple missionaries Elder and sister Jensen. We tried to help a lady get a family history thigng set up. That will be cool for her to have done and she is preparing for the temple so that's kind of the goal for Sister Hou. On Saturday we had our District Priesthood meeting and then we had FHE at Sister Fina's house. She taught us how to cook another Filipino dish. It was pretty good but really spicy. It was fun we ate dinner and shared a quick lesson and then played games with the. On Sunday we just have church nothing special planned. So that's how our week has went. The rainy season is just starting. It hasn't rained to hard out here but it flooded in Manilla. Three feet of water so it's starting. It rained like 3 days this last wee. Next month is supposed to be the worst month. They claim it rains everyday for a month so that will be fun. Well let me know how everyone is and what you have all been up to. Thanks for all of the support and love you all give me. Love you all. Love Elder Robison