Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 4-10, 2013

Family, hey how is everyone. Hope your all doing really good. Just to let you all know the storm didn't really affect where I am at. It just rained a little and the wind blew. I guess where the storm actually hit was pretty bad but I am good no problems. We have just been busy working. It's almost Thanksgiving. I'll miss that. They don't do that here. I wish they did I love Thanksgiving. I have heard your getting some snow back home. I'm a little jealous but that's okay. I expect to get some snowmobile pictures of something soon. Our weeks are finally back to normal again no holidays and my comp isn't going home soon so just back to normal. It will be nice. As you all probably know I got my new companion. He is from Fruitland Idaho. He is a cool kid. He is new this is only his second transfer. He is already really good at the language so that makes it easier to train him. I kinda enjoy being the one to lead the lessons every time I really like it. I feel like we can have a lot of success this transfer. We have had 3 investigators accept baptism dates if they pray and know its true. Since it is true I know that they will receive their answers. I am excited for them. On Monday I got to work with Elder Houston. He is new as well and we both didn't have comps so we were together. We went out and taught. He is a little shy but he did alright. Tuesday was my p-day. I only got to email for 1 hour because Elder Latu and I had to figure out what to do with people for transfers so kind of a busy p-day. Wednesday was transfer day so we went to the chapel to wait for everyone which always takes up like the whole day for it to be over. We got home around 4 let them unpack their stuff. Then we went grocery shopping to get food for everyone. Then ate some dinner. After that Elder Starr and I went by the chapel to introduce him to Bishop and some members. That was Wednesday. Thursday was our first day of work together. It went good we taught Darcel and sis Janelano. They are doing good. My companion is really good at Tagalog so it helps we just finish up the day and went and ate dinner. Friday well it was rainy and windy because of the typhoon. We only taught 1 lesson because we were told to go home early so that what we did. Saturday we had a good full day we got anew investigator and found a new less active. We then taught Sis Janelano she is doing good. The spirit was so strong she teared up at the end when I asked her to pray if the church was true or not. We taught sister Leni she just went on about her problems. We couldn't ever really teach so it was hard. She can cause a headache sometimes. The Natividad family fed us. Sunday Sis Leni and her daughter came to church and Sis Janelano they all came today and 8 less actives came as well. I had to teach the class in church just off the top of my head. I wasn't prepared at all but it went alright. Then we went and had dinner with the members so that was my week. It's been busy but good. I know the church is true. Hope you all have a great week. Thanks for everything ya'll do. Have a great week. Love Elder Robison

November 10, 2013

Family hey everyone what is going on. I hope you are all doing well. Have some fun for Thanksgiving. Let me know if you get to ride snowmobiles or not and how much snow there is in Island Park. I'll sure be thinking of you all. I don't think we get to do anything its just a regular day for us as far as I know. It's a good time to just slow down and give thanks for the many things we have been blessed with and for our families. We are all truly lucky the people that got hit by the storm still don't have enough food. The missionaries have been moved to Manilla. they have nothing no clothes, no beds so we have been asked to donate if we have extra and what not. So have fun let me know how everything is. I heard there will be another baby when I get home. Thats crazy, but congratulations. Three new ones it will be a full house that's for sure. If you all don't slow things down there might be a 4th on the way. That should be fun though. Well we had a pretty good week. It started off so slow but has finished so good. Monday was just p-day. There is nothing to do in our area so we always just end up hanging out. Later that night the Budua family had us over for dinner. Tuesday ha what a day we went out and only taught 1 lesson. Nobody was home. It was so hot. We couldn't find anyone to teach. Sister Darcel was our only lesson. Sure enough Wednesday was just the same one lesson and really hot. No one home. We did some tracting got close to getting in but nope. They said they are all busy. The one lesson to the Romano family was an okay lesson they don't seem way excited about the church. Thursday finally a good day. We taught 5 lessons. We met 2 new less actives that promised they would go to church. We taught Darcel and Leni. Her daughter Cristian told us that she wants to be baptized so December 14 is her goal. She seems super excited about it so it should be good. We taught Brother Natividad. A first he didn't want to but I made him. Once we got started he got really serious and I know he wants to change. We taught repentance and you could see it hit him. He knows there is a problem. He wants to change so after that he fed us dinner. Friday alright day a few lessons. We taught Sister Almoite. She has a special kid and the Bishop told her he should be baptized so we went and explained to her that he don't need to and what not. She was so happy we came. She broke down and cried a few times but she was so happy. Saturday we had a really good day. We taught Sister Jamelamo and the spirit was so strong. it always is with her. She got an answer that this is the true church. Her goal is December 14 as well. She had tears in her eyes and a big smile on her face at the end. Then we went to Darcel and she also received an answer so her goal is on December 14th. We then taught Cristian again. so we got 3 people with baptism dates this week. It was a good week. The Lord truly has blessed us this week. I hope everything goes good as planned. Sunday went really good. Everyone we are working with showed up to church. It was a good day. Later we had a dinner then came home so that was my week. It was really good a lot happened and lots of good goals set. I am excited to see it all turn out so it's been good. Well I hope you all are doing well. I am doing good so have a good Thanksgiving. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Robison

October 28-November 3, 2013

Family, hey how is everything going? I hope everything is going really good and your enjoying a little snow. I got a picture in an email of the snow in Island Park. Ha made me a little jealous but that is alright there are plenty more winters to come. As of right now I am here to serve the Lord and help the people here gain a relationship with our Heavenly Father. I really love it here and I love the people that I get to work with. They are all so happy to have us all the time. I will be getting anew companion. His name is Elder Starr and he is from Idaho. Ha has only been here for 6 weeks so I will finish up training him. I also found out that I will be a District leader this transfer. So some big changes and a lot more responsibility put on my shoulders. It's alright though it will make me have to step up. I am excited about this new transfer. I will miss my last comp but its all good. he is done with his mission now. It has been a Holiday here so teaching this week has been a little rough. It's All Saints Day so everyone goes to the cemetery and just hangs out all week. Its kind of like Memorial Day but it lasts longer. On Monday we went back to Elder Scanlans old areas so he could see them before he left. It was good he has a lot of close people that he knows and they are all very nice people. Tuesday was alright we went and taught Sister Monica she is okay not sure how interested she is. She thinks all religions are still the same. Later that night we went and told Diane goodbye because she left back to her province. her sister replaced her here so now we are teaching her so it worked out good. Wednesday we had a slow day. The whole week has been that way though. We just tried to visit some people but they are busy getting ready for the weekend. Thursday same deal but Natividad family invited us to a little party of theirs to eat so we did that on Thursday night. Friday and Saturday was the actual holiday the streets were packed and traffic was really bad. No teaching because no one was home. Sunday just church not a ton showed up to church. Just a slow week to sum it up but next week will be good. I am excited to meet my new comp and get to know him. Things will be good. Thanks for everything all the support. Love you all. Have a great week. Sorry the letter is short. Love Elder Robison

October 27, 2013

Family hey how are you all doing. Things hopefully have slowed down for you all. Hopefully it will start to snow soon so it cvan be a good winter. Ha if it even snowed like an inch here I would be happy but everone here would die. I have yet to see a heater here nor do I think I ever will. The temperature has cooled down a little I think not a ton though. We are just about to finish another transfer just one more week. I'll find out who my new comp is next week. Hopefully it will be good. I am coming up on my year mark here soon. Just two months and I'll be there. I'll be able to burn one of my nasty white shirts that aren't' very white anymore. Oh and sorry if you haven't been receiving my letters I guess there has been a problem with the mail here and in the mission office so you might not have received all of my letters. Well I'll tell you about my week start with Monday. It wasn't P-day as you figured out. Elder Latu and I went on splits because he is getting tired of his companion and just kind of needed a break from him so we went on splits. We taught a few lessons then later that night the Elisan family had us over for FHE. They are such a close family that all love the gospel so much. Tuesday still not p-day but everyone was really wanting one. It made that day so long but we did have zone meeting over in Pasig so it helped split up some time and make it go faster. Wednesday it was finally p-day we woke up early and headed to the temple. We caught the first session and I finally got to see the new video. I truly love going to the temple. There isn't a better place to just go sit and think. Everyone needs to do that to receive some answers to questions. After the temple we went to the mall it took forever and I never buy anything when we go so we just walk around and look at stuff. We didn't get out of there until like 3:30 then we had an hour long ride back to our area. I didn't get to email you all. Except mom you were up really early and I surprisingly caught you for just a little bit so that was nice. I didn't think I would. Thursday good work day We went and taught sis Leni. she thinks she gets it all but she doesn't yet if she did she would of come to church. We taught Diane one last time before her baptism. We taught a less active member as well. We ate dinner at the Natividad family. Friday um we did some weekly planning which takes forever. Then went and taught this lady we met a few weeks ago. She thinks that religion is all the same and that its all for money. We had a long discussion with her and just asked her to pray about Joseph Smith. We then had a dinner appointment that was a long ways away so we went there and ate dinner. Saturday we had a big day. Every companionship in our zone except one had a baptism planned so we joined it all together and had a zone baptism. It turned out really good and Diane was really happy but super nervous to bare her testimony. It was a great day for the zone. Sunday Diane became an official member of the church. Her baptism is complete and she is a new member. She is really excited about it so we finished the week off right. That was my week. So well I hope I didn't bore you with the letter but have a great week. Love you all thanks for all you do for me. I know the church is true and miracles do happen depending on your faith. Love ya'll thanks love Elder Robison

October 20, 2013

Family, hey everyone how is it all going back home. Another week is all finished up already and man it has been busy. Just with interviews and baptismal interviews and splits and stuff. It was good the busier we are the faster the time goes by. Time moves pretty quick the year is about to come to a close. I can't lie it will be hard to not see or ride a snowmobile this year or even see snow but its alright just one of the things I will have to give up for a year. There is always next year. Hopefully you all can get your government stuff figured out so I can stop hearing about it. People think because I am from there I'll know about it but they don't realize no tv or computers. Well anyways I hope things are all good back home getting the crops all figured out and what not and finishing up for the year. As for me the same old thing each week. Ha I have been in this area for a little over 4 months now and President told me I'll be here at least on more so I'll have been here for 6 months. I don't know why but that's hard nothing new just the same streets and faces everyday. Sometimes I feel like a little change in our lives would help but its all good. Well so about my week. On Monday it was p-day. We went to the chapel and everyone cooked and we ate lunch and then played games. We didn't finish until late so we didn't get to email so we got permission to go Tuesday morning. Tuesday we emailed then went out to work right after that. Even on the effective side of the area nobody was home we didn't teach one appointment. So that made for a long day. Wednesday we had our zone interviews. We started at 12 but President was late. We didn't finish until 6:30 but it was good. I really like President and Sister Revillo. In my interview he said next transfer I'll have to be ready to step up. I think district leader but I don't know what he meant when he said that. Then he said so are you ready to train. I don't remember what I said but he said that I could be training as well but who knows. I thought that last time but I didn't so I guess we will just have to wait and see. After that the zone went and ate together then Thursday just regular day went to work taught a less active family and that was it again. Nobody home we walked around all day trying to teach and nothing. Not sure where everyone was this last week. Friday after weekly planning we had to go to Sig?? the other elders area and do a baptismal interview. Their neighbor had a monkey and we got to hold it and feed it bananas it was so cool. I got some pictures. You will see. The interview took forever so we got back to our area late. Saturday we went on splits. I worked with Elder Uslgen in his area. We taught 3 lessons and then had to come meet our comps at McDonalds. they were late so we waited forever for them to get there. Sunday we had church we went early because Diane had an interview she passed so she will be baptized next week. Then we had a lady that we met a few weeks ago. She came to church for the first time. I feel like she has some potential of baptism. Good day at church. After church we had a dinner with Sister Joy they feed us every Sunday so that was my week. It flew by and was really busy. I hope they keep flying by so things are good here. Hopefully all is well back home with as much stuff changing back there. I'll be the stranger when I come home. Lots of new babies and people getting married it is crazy. Well peace be the journey. Thanks for everything you all do. Love you all have a good week. Love Elder robison

October 13, 2013

Family, hey whats up what have you all been up to? Your all done with the harvest and getting ready for the winter. ha it's crazy to think that its that time again. Ha people having Christmas decorations our here and yet its still like 80 degrees. Ha its just weird to me. It should be cold and snowy but man we have been busy this week with splits, conference and just stuff like that. I was so glad to be able to finally watch conference. it was great to have a little change to our week and not have to worry about nothing just go and listen. i really liked Elder Bednars Talk on living within our means and instead of waiting for a raise or something. That we can change our status on our own by just buying what you need. Then I really liked Pres. Uchtdorfs talk about the no perfect people but that God leads this church and God is perfect. it's true because a lot of people have got offended by Bishops or leaders and then they go less active. They don't realize that the Bishop is just a person and isn't perfect. One thing I noticed a lot of talks hit on the women and marriage again. I heard some ladies were trying to get into the priesthood session and were all mad because they said it was for men only. I thought that was kind of dumb but sounds about like what people would try these days. Well so I'll tell you about the rest of my week. Sorry if this letter is short I am short on time so just writing really quick. So Monday P-day, Tuesday, was a good day with lots of teaching and some really good lessons. Our investigators are really good. I have good hope that they will get baptized. Wednesday crappy day really rainy and was going to be a big storm so people were trying to get ready for the storm so it was a bad day for working. Thursday we went on splits. I was with Elder Whatts from Utah. Ha I really like him. He is a really funny kid. I felt bad though because he is pretty new still. He is a lot like I was not knowing Tagalog. So when we were teaching it was all on me but it was okay the spirit helped out with it. I would look at him and he looked so lost. It made me remember how hard that time was so I felt bad for him but one day it will come around for him. That day Diane said she really wants to be baptized before she moves and is very serious about it now. Ever since she finally prayed about the church she has changed completely and really wants to be baptized so on the 26th we will baptize her so are excited about that. She is kinda nervous that she has to have an interview. Friday went and taught the people we could get to. Bong is doing okay. He always reads but never will come to church don't know why so not sure what will happen with him. As like any other Friday slow and not a lot of teaching to do so Saturday we went to the Stake Center and watched Conference then later we watched Priesthood. We had to leave early because we had an appointment we had to go to. This young couple had us over for dinner. We really like them they are really funny and have the cutest little kid but she don't like us at all. She is really shy. Sunday back to the Stake Center and watched both sessions again. It really was so good to go and listen to Conference. I really enjoyed it. Another good thing from Conference I heard was someone said we can't just listen to conference and strengthen our testimony. We need to always be studying and praying. He compared ti to basketball and preparing yourself. I forgot who said it. So yeah that was my week. Kinda busy but it was good. Well I hope everything is going good for you all there. Have a great week thanks for the support love you all. Love Elder Robison

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Zone activity

The Pasig and Taguig zones

The Monday

Holding and feeding the monkey a banana

October 6, 2013

Family, hey how are you all doing? Well spud harvest should be over. Ha thats crazy it all flew by. Ha at least for me it seems that way. I get one letter that says you just started and by the time I get the next one you say your all finished up. I am sure it doesn't seem that fast for all of you that are in the trucks everyday. One more month and you will be putting everything away for the year and getting ready for Christmas
. Here its already the Christmas season. They start playing Christmas music in September to December so its a little different. I think its a little early but that just me. One of these days it is supposed to cool off but not sure when that will be either. We finished the first week of the new transfer. It flew by it seems like.So it was just an average week. Some good things happened. On Monday that was p-day, just regular nothing crazy just a lot of hanging around washing clothes and stuff. We then had FHE at the Elison family. They bought a fruit called Durian or something not very good. People here love it. To me it tasted like onions and lettuce mixed together and it smelled horrible. Y'all will have to try it when you come back. Tuesday was a regular day. We went and taught Diane and Sister Leni is all that we got to teach. No one else was home. Later it was one of the Natividads birthdays so they fed us dinner and then they were all singing videoke. They love that stuff here even if they cant sing it don't matter they do it loud. Wednesday ha what a day we went on splits that day. I had to go with Atwood the Canadian kid. We went to a hard half of our area where we have a hard time getting appointments so we walk a lot. We only taught one or two lessons ha we talked to a few people out on the streets. It was a long day. I was glad to have it over. Thursday we had a great day. We taught Diane again she finally prayed and said she wanted to be baptized. We gave her a date. It turns out she is moving back to her province that week so we have to refer her to the Elders there so all the work we put into it and we won't even get to see the reward. That was kind of a let down. We then went to Sister Leni and taught her. It was a good lesson one of them that you can feel the spirit strongly. We then asked her if she would be baptized if she got the answer that this church is true and she said yes so we are shooting for November 2nd for her. Hopefully all goes well. We then taught Nini and Tata. They wouldn't accept a date because they said they still want to learn more but they will come around in just a little bit I know it. The Natividads fed us dinner again so thats always good it helps us save money. Friday we went back to the hard side of our area and we taught Bong and some less actives. We met this less active family awhile back. All of them are members but a 14 year old girl. We tried to teach her and she just flat out said she doesn't want to be baptized. We don't know what was up with her or why she said that but she really don't want to. Saturday ha well we ended up buying a couch for our apartment. We have a nice house something was just missing so we were visiting our less active white guy and they are moving and selling a lot of stuff so I asked about their couch and he said yeah and we got it for P1500 about $30 ha its so nice having somewhere to sit now. Our house got even better. Sunday well first thing we went out early to teach Brother Mark and bring them to church with us. We got there and they were just leaving to the market. They said they would meet us at the church. They didn't show up so not sure what happened. We had 5 others show up but Sister Leni didn't come so that was no good. After church we went to Sister Joy and they fed us dinner. Since church is so late that was that for Sunday. That was my week its been good I've got good hopes for our investigators. Well thanks for everything. Tell people he for me. Thanks again have a good week. Love elder Robison.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Elder Atwood

Elder Latu

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Badua FHE

Badua family

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Letter 9/29/13

Family, hey how is everything going back home. From moms email you all sound like your going to be busy for the next little while. It's that time of year again. Hopefully spud harvest is going good and that everyone will get them in before it starts to freeze and dad has a heart attack. From the sounds of it Rigby is doing really good this year so that is awesome. Hopefully that continues so maybe they can get a state title. Your all so lucky to live in Idaho right now and enjoy this time of year. Here it just rains every other day and floods peoples houses all the time so your all lucky to live where you live and not have to worry about all of this . Luckily we were able to get a new house that doesn't flood when it rains. Its been so nice to come home and have a dry clean house. Its been kind of a busy week with transfer day and Elder Medalle going home and just stuff like that. We only got to work 3 days this week because of it all. Monday was not my p-day so it was a work day. We tried to find more less actives in our area. Slow day but that is okay because we got 2 dinner appointments in one night. I was stuffed. It was national family week so the church wanted everyone to have FHE so we went to the Season family in the other ward. They invited us all. The food was really good. I thought that was it so I ate a lot. Then we were invited to the Elisan family and they had a ton of food so we had to eat again. I ate way to much until I felt sick. Tuesday Elder Medalle was picked up by the AP's early in the morning. After that it was finally p-day. Just normal nothing to crazy. Emailed and ate some food. Transfer p-day normally suck because people know they are transferring so they just want to go get ready so that was p-day. Wednesday was transfer day. My comp and I are both staying so its good.  Thursday we finally got a good day of work in with a lot of appointments. We tried to give Diane a new baptismal daye3 but her dad is still against it. She says she wants to so we asked her to pray and find out what she should do. I think her family would come around if she just did it. Her dad just is one of those lifelong catholic people that are hard headed. We then taught Sister Leni and her daughter. I think they would get baptized but they just need to realize the importance of our message. If they would do that they would make the time to do what it takes. I was hoping to be able to teach Nini and Tata but they were already asleep when we got there so next week. I guess. The Natividads fed us dinner again. They really are way nice to us. Friday I don't know what it is but Fridays here suck all the time. They are so slow. We did teach Sis Legaspi. She is a less active that has a daughter that really wants to be baptized. The problem is she can't until her mom comes to church and is active again. I feel bad for the little girl but her mom promised she would be at church so we will see. We later went to try some other people like the Romano family. Their house was flooded so we went to the church but everyone was busy with activities so we didn't end up getting to teach. Saturday was kind of a wasted day we were asked to come do this family thing at the City Hall. Our whole zone and another zone. We basically just sat there all day. ^ Elders could of done it just fine so it wasn't the best day. Kind of boring. Sunday we had a great day at church, 5 investigators showed up and 10 less actives. Sis Leni the one I said needs to make time she came for the first time. That is a huge step for her. I hope that it all continues to go good and she will want to be baptized. She was really good she participated in class and just was really good. The other investigators were young girls that came with friends. Later that night we had dinner with Sis Joy in our ward so that was my Sunday. It turned out to be pretty good. Well we have had a busy week and we are just starting a new transfer so hopefully we can harvest in our area and help people come unto Christ. We have a lot of hope for them so we will see. Thanks for everything you do and the support. Let me know how harvest goes. I expect lots of pictures. Thanks again. Have a good week. Love you all. Love Elder Robison

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hey whats up? How is everything going? I hope all is well for you all. Hopefully harvest is going good and you will all get the crops in for the year. Sounds like the football team is doing good finally haha so it ought to be a fun year to go and watch all the games. it's been years since they or we have had a winning season. Um not sure what else is going on. I am sure it's just another busy fall time even though its busy still a great time. That's way fun to be in spud harvest. The nights are probably getting cold. That's one nice thing about here right now. It's been pretty cool lately. There is a big storm just north of us so it's made it be overcast and cool here. I don't mind it at all. I enjoy to be able to walk and not be covered in sweat. It's rained on and off for a few days. That reminds me we finally moved into our new house. It is so much nicer. It's very clean and stays cool inside. It has air conditioning but we don't use it because it will make us all go broke. The best part is when it rains we stay dry. The water doesn't just run onto the floor. I can actually walk in this house without having to wear chinaylas (flip flops). It's nice it finally fells like a house. So I hope everything is good back home. As for my week just been busy with t hings. Monday it was our p-day. We had to wake up early and go into the office so Scanlan could get finger printed to go home next transfer. I guess some new thing the foreign missionaries have to do so it was an early morning. We did that then went and ate at a nice restaurant, then emailed, then just came home. Tuesday went and worked and taught Diana, Fernando and Nini and Sister Leni. Those guys have been our focus for now. Fernando and Nini I think will get baptized for sure. They are really good. They understand so good. Diana and Leni are busy a lot so not sure what to think. Wednesday we had our mission tour slash mission conference. It was alright. President Arden from our area presidency came. Him and his wife. They spoke and so did President Revillo and Sister. They spoke to us then we ate lunch. We didn't finish until like 4 but it was fun to see half the mission together. Then after that we had the long taxi ride back home so it messed up work for that day. Thursday back to work. Today some ward missionaries worked with us. We taught about 6 lessons so it was good for them to go teach. They are both leaving on missions soon so they wanted to go work. We went and taught Fernando and Nini and met some new less active members. Then the Natividad family fed us again. They really are like our family here. They feed us all the time and are just really good to us. Friday we were working in the half of our area that doesn't have much happening so really slow day. Later that night we had a ward FHE. It was fun, I was in charge of games for the whole thing. It was good. We ate and then headed home. Saturday was move day finally. We moved all that day. The couple missionaries came and helped us. it took most of the day to get us out. We still have to go back and clean up the old house. the new house is great. Tell Melanee that there are no mice in this one. Later that night we went to the Elison family for a farewell party for there two kids that leave soon and Elder Medalle because he goes home next week. They cooked a pig head and had tons of food. It was good. Lots of people came. Sunday our church time got changed to 2 now so we don't get done until late so it messes up a day for work. Our meetings after don't get done until like 6:30. We then go out and work. It rained all day Sunday so a slow day. That is my week. One thing we all need to do is rely on our Heavenly Father. He is always there and knows what we need in our lives and when we need it. Any time we feel the need to pray we should right then say a prayer. It doesn't have to be a loud prayer and can just be to ourselves. I promise it helps every time we pray. So well hopefully everything is good at home. Thanks for everything y'all do. I love you all. Love Elder Robison

Friday, September 27, 2013


Family, hey how are you all doing? I hope everything is going really good for you all. Getting busy with spud harvest I am sure. Ha can't wait to see some pictures of all that. Ha the people here will really be amazed at how it all works. When they ask how we plant and harvest or plow the fields they thing by hand or that we use caribou. They all are amazed when I show them my little toy tractor that I have so it's pretty funny. As for us we have been busy as well. Trying to get some of our investigators to baptism. Most of our investigators are pretty new so it will still be awhile but so far they are doing pretty good. I'll tell you about my week. Monday was not p-day so it was a work day. We went and contacted a referral we received. Her name was Ruby. We had to teach very slow. She didn't understand much. She also had a hard time listening. She isn't a native tagalog speaker so it might be a little difficult to understand. After we went and tried to talk to some less actives that we haven't met yet. Kind of a slow day. Later that day I had a dentist check up. I thought I had a cavity but it was just a spot of something that didn't seal good or something. She said she fixed it but I am not sure. Ha don't tell Rachel that I did that but it only cost $5 so I figured why not. Tuesday that was our p-day. We went to the temple but all the sessions were full so we just did initiatories. So still haven't got to see the new movie so hopefully next time. After I tried to get back to email but everyone had something they needed to do so we didn't get back until way late so I was a little bummed so we only emailed for a short time. Wednesday we went out and tried to talk to the less actives. Not a single one of them let us in. One of them we saw hide from us and her daughter told us she wasn't there. Then later Elder Scanlan had baptismal interviews he needed to do so after that we went and taught the Romero family. They are doing alright. The father is kind of hard headed. He won't give up coffee. That's the one problem that he has. Hopefully they will all come through. Thursday we had a good day lots of appointments We taught Leni. She is interested but really busy with work. She was telling how she missed us because it had been awhile since we had been there so she is doing good. Then we taught Nini Tata. They are doing good as well. Brother really understand things and he is reading the Book of Mormon. They also told us how much happier they have been ever since we have began visiting them. I really hope they continue to want to learn and be baptized. Then we ate dinner with the Natividad family. They are really good to us. Brother don't want his kids to serve missions because he things they won't be taken care of. He said he loves them to much to send them out like that. Then he said do your parents not love you guys or imagine how they feel with you out here alone. We just laughed at him. Friday a good day. We have started to teach this kid Mark. He is special and his parents asked if he can be baptized so we are teaching him and if he understands enough then we will go through with it. He is a funny kid I like him a lot. Later that night we went to the Romero family. Only half would join us not sure why or what was up so we only taught half of them. Hopefully next time they will all join. Not sure what happened but I guess we'll see. Saturday we had priesthood session and the adult meeting for Stake Conference. It was good. Lots of people came and it was really good. That took up most of our day. Sunday we had Stake Conference it was good as well with lots of people showing up. So that was my week. We have been busy. it's been good though. Helps time go by faster. Once thing we need to be thankful for is the atonement. We need to use in in our lives everyday and always try to be better. It was put in place to be used so we need to take that opportunity and realize that forgiveness comes from Jesus Christ and because he loves us. Well have a great week. I love you all. Thanks for everything and all the support. Have a good harvest. Take lots of pictures. Thanks again. Love Elder Robison


Family, hey how is it all going. Hopefully things are good back home. Rap up grain harvest and then get ready for spud harvest. Things are starting to cool off I am sure. Lately it has been getting hotter here ha but it never really cools off here. There are two types of weather. Hot and rainy or hot and dry but always hot. I might freeze to death coming home in December. It will be a huge change. Football season is also in full swing. Hopefully Rigby has got something this year and they can pull out a good season. It's about time for one it's been awhile. Well I'll tell you all about my week. I was kind of bummed with our week. it was way slow for teaching. Scanlan had meetings one day, baptismal interviews another. Monday that was our p-day we went to the Pasig Palunke just to look around. It's huge but didn't find anything to great. So we just walked around after that we went straight to FHE with the Elisan family. They fed us and we had a lesson there. Tuesday we had district meeting. Ha we found out that some sisters apartment got broke into. He took all their money then the best part just to finish it off he crapped in the middle of their floor. He tried to cover it with their clothes then he wiped with their garments. It sucks for them but its pretty funny. We all laughed. Other than that we taught a few lessons it was an alright day. Wednesday we had a pretty good day. We met some new less actives. A guy with 5 daughters and the mom took off and left them all about t year ago so its pretty sad. So the father does everything. Thursday, Scanlan had a meeting in the city. they should have been back around like 2 but they got stuck in traffic and didn't get back until like 4. We went and taught Diane, Leni, Natividad again. Sister Leni seems so interested but is always busy so not sure yet where it will go with her. Brother Natividad was all mad because Sister forgot something on the jeep worth 6000 pesos. He was mad thats alot of money here. Its equivalent to $150 but its a lot more here to them so he was mad. Friday it was boring we had weekly planning in the morning until like 2. We went and taught Mark the American guy. He is funny and super talkative. I think because we know English is the main reason. Saturday really, really slow. Scanlan had to do baptismal interviews and they took forever because there was 3 of them. We went back to our area finally at like 3. There was a road show at the Stake Center so no one was home. All the members were gone. People were at work. Finally later that night Sister Natividad gave us another referral. We went and taught them. They were good it was a couple. They know a lot already and seem interested to learn more. They said come back whenever that we are always welcome. Hopefully that goes somewhere. We then taught Leni again after she got done with work. It went good to then the Natividad family fed us that was it though! Sunday um we went and taught Mark early in the morning then took them to church. There were 6 investigators at church and 12 less actives. Our attendance was way up again. Our ward seems to be doing really good. So thats my week. Have a good week thanks for everything y all do. Love you all. Love Elder Robison

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The Romano family

Elder Howards birthday cake at McDonalds

Mission tour

Elder Smith and I at mission tour

Our ward mission leader and us on the boat

Sister Rochell and our ward mission leader

Bishop at Ward FHE

Elder Scanlan cleaning the bathroom

farewell party

The pig head we ate

Sister Joy and Nanay

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Family, hey how are you all doing again. Hopefully things are all good. Just getting ready for spud harvest. It's crazy that it's that time again but its good. Everyone is really busy I am sure. School, sports, harvest just everything. We have been busy here as well. Trying to get some people ready for baptism. I finally had to eat balut the other day. Not good at all but I can say that I did it now. They claim I will now receive the gift of tongues so hopefully thats true. I also ate chicken head. That wasn't very good either. The brain popped in my mouth. It was nasty. It helped with our BRT with the new family we are teaching. They are the Romano family. They have 10 kids. They all still live at home. Some are members 4 of them aren't so we are teaching them. So I'll tell you about my week. Monday was P-day so we had a zone activity everyone just got together and played games and ate lunch. It was a really nice day way hot though. later that night we had a family home evening with the Elison family. Tuesday we had work day started out really slow. All of our appointments were gone and wouldn't be back until later that night. Finally when they came home we taught we ended up running out of time and not getting to teach everyone. Wednesday we taught the Romano family. They are really interested so its good. They are the ones that gave me balut. They are all really nice so hopefully things go well for the. Thursday same kind of day as Tuesday. People didn't get home until later so it was alright. The the Natividad family fed us dinner. Friday we had to go to Quezon City for Scanlan to renew his temple recommend because of traffic we didn't get back to the house until 7:30 that night so it completely messed up our teaching schedule. Saturday the other elders had some baptisms so we went to those at 3. It didn't end up starting until like 4. That is how everything is here though they say 3 but really means 4ish. So it didn't get over until late. We had a dinner appointment after so it was good. Sunday we had to go out and teach Mark again early in the morning. We then took them to church with us. I think he will get baptized in the future. They need to get married first and I think he would be good to go. They are very good about reading and keeping commitments so they are doing good. Lots of people still coming to church so that was my week. The work is moving forward. This week I have learned to just be patient with people. That when they are ready they will com around. We shouldn't drag people to do something then they won't be truly committed to whatever it is that they are doing. Well hopefully all things are going well back home. Thanks for everything you all do. Have a great week. Remember you can all be missionaries as well. Love you all thanks again. Love Elder Robison

Sunday, September 8, 2013

We received 2 letters and pictures

Family, hey how is everything going back at home. I hope the harvest went good. I can't wait to see some pictures of everything. It's crazy that grain harvest will be over so quick. It probably don't seem quick to you guys but for me it seems like you all just started and by the time this letter gets there it will be over. I think. Well we have had a busy week here with transfers and everything. So as you probably already know I got a new companion. Elder Scanlan. He is from Alaska. A really nice dude. He is Samoan so he is a big boy. Ha he likes to eat so hopefully I don't get fat. He is just really chill and laid back. The Elder that replaced Elder Fisher is Elder Latu from Australia. He is Tongan and really likes to eat as well so we will probably be eating a lot. But they are both really cool guys. so yeah I'll just start with Monday. It wasn't our p-day so we went out but mostly it turned into a goodbye day for Elder Millora. We ended up teaching only 2 lessons but we visited tons of families so he could say goodbye. Then Tuesday it was our p-day. We just went and ate them emailed just kinda a down day. After that everyone wanted to go pack and get ready to leave and everything. Since I am staying I just sat around and didn't do much. Not the best p-day I have ever had. Wednesday we had to be to the chapel at 8 for people that transferred and to get our new companions so we went there. Since everyone was late and takes forever because of traffic we didn't leave the chapel until 5 later that day. We just sat waiting for everyone to get there because people can't be alone. During that time we ate twice, Scanlan was hungry. After that we came to the apartment and moved everyone in. It took a while so we didn't get to go out that day either. Thursday we went out and introduced Scanlan to everyone. It was good. We found a new investigator and an old Nunay shopped us and asked if we would come and teach her and her husband. It was good we got to teach a few lessons. Friday was a slow day. It was really hot. We only got in one lesson. We got punted all day but later that night we had a ward family home evening. Tons of people showed up, lots of food. People brought friends that want to be taught. It turned out really good for us. Everyone had a really good time. We played games and had a lesson then ate some food so hopefully we can help these people we met want to be baptized and get them coming to church. Saturday we woke up and it was raining so that meant a slow day. We went out, not many people were out and about but we went to teach a recent convert. She wasn't there but her cousin was. She let us teach her. they also had a brother we hadn't met yet that was there but the girl seemed interested. She ended up not living in our area so we won't be able to continue teaching her but she said she will be moving here in January but we won't be here by then. After that we taught Natividad. Then we taught Diane. I don't know why she won't get baptized. Her dad I guess don't want her to. One thing that has helped me this week is prayer when your feeling down about anything praying always helps make it better. Prayer is so important for everyone to do. It helps keep us close to our Heavenly Father so that has been my week. I hope harvest is good. Thanks for everything. Love you all. Love Elder Robison

  Letter Aug 18-24, 2013
Family hey everyone how is life back home. How is the farming going. Hopefully harvest went good. Just spud harvest next and then dad will relax again and start to enjoy life. Everything should start to slow down and then it will start to snow. Then the best time of year winter. They say it is nice here from December to March. It cools down a little then the hot summer comes again. I made it through one summer here so just one more. How is Rigby football looking with the new coach. Anything good going to happen or another bad season. Let me know how they do. Landon is a senior now right is he playing. Just let me know. So my week shouldn't be hard to explain. Monday p-day we emailed and it rained all day. Tuesday still raining and now flooded. President said no work so we went to McDonalds for breakfast. While we were there he text us all and said stay inside don't leave your houses. I guess a missionary got electrocuted somewhere in the floods so the area Presidency said for everyone to stay inside for the flood. So we sat at home Wednesday still raining, and still flooding so we again had to sit inside all day long. Really boring so we just played card games. Thursday still raining the flood is going down. It finally stopped raining so Elder Scanlan and I went to the church to help out. There are 50 families staying there because their houses were all under water so we gave out food and relief goods to everyone. Met lots of new people got to hang out with the members. We played some ping-pong with the youth. Still not much work to do because everything is under water. Friday it started to rain again but stopped later so we went to the Natividad family. We finally got Brother Natividad to let us teach him. We want to get him through the temple with his family. they are all really good. He just has a few problems. We made some deals with him. He has to pray every night with his family. If not we get to share another lesson. he has to go to church with his family. If not he gives us a 1.5 liter of coke from his store. He agreed to do it so we will see. Saturday started out really nice and sunny so we went out for the most part the streets aren't flooded. We got to teach some people. We taught Vodel the girl we met last week. She listens but I am not sure how interested she is. It started to rain again but not to bad. We followed up with Brother Natividad on his praying and he did it. He prayed with them.. Then Sister Natividad gave us a referral so we went and talked to her she is really talkative and very interested so its good. Her name is Sister Leni so we will start to go there regularly. It turned out to be a really good day for us we got a new investigator. Sunday, we went out early to teach Mark the new investigator we met two weeks ago. We taught early then went with them to church. He accepted to be baptized on September 22nd so that good. We get there and sitting on the front row was Brother Natividad with his family and lots of less actives 15 of them. We have been working hard with the less actives so it was a good Sunday. That night we ate dinner at our Bishops house. It was good played games and ate so that my week. It started out with waste deep water outside but it ended good. The members are good here. We have a big goal for brother Natividad. He just needs to realize the importance of family and going to the temple. We are blessed to be able to be together forever. We all need to strive to be worthy to do so. Make every decision in the light of Eternity. Thanks for everything. I love you all have a good harvest and fall. Love Elder Robison

Good thing for waterproof cameras

Elder Scanlan

I thought I could miss it but nope it was all over

walking in the floods

Scanlan posing

The flood in our apartment (our roof leaks)


Starting to flood on P-day

Taking a picture


Members paddling their way to church

We went and got them

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letter Aug 4-10, 2013

Family, hey how are things at home. Hopefully good. Hope you all enjoying harvest time. Can't believe it is here. Ha while you guys are all wishing it was over I just wish I could do that kind of work for a while. Ha give it a little change from the work we do. No but things are good here all that stuff will be there when I get back. Only get to do this stuff once. Well we have just been trying to stay busy here. It's been really hot. I might escape my first rainy season with very little rain and no real floods. I do kinda want to experience it at least once. Everyone says is sucks but I wouldn't know yet. This week has been alright a few downers in it but its all good. I'll just start with Monday. It was p-day. Just normal day but my old companion from the MTC found out that his mom passed away from a heart attack. He was having a really hard time with it. We are in the same zone so they came and hung around with us. Then Tuesday, we met a less active member Indiana. he is white and only speaks English. He cam here and married a young filippino so he is what they call a dirty Joe. He is a nice guy. Mark Ingram is his name. Ha I was the only one to really talk my comp went real shy. Ha it was alright though Brother Ingram really likes to talk. I think he gets bored doing nothing all day with no friends to talk to so kinda hard to get out of there. After that just a regular day but we are gonna try and get the white guy back to church. Wednesday not much happened. Thursday Brother bong told us he just doesn't think he can do it and he is so ready so it stinks. We will keep teaching hoping that he will come around. Then Friday first we woke up and went to do a service project for a member. They are building a new house. some rich guy came and said that he is building condo's where there little shack was so they have to move. So we went and helped them lay the cement in and run some wires. Ha things are done a little different here. Ha no matter what they wear flip flops to work in. I think they are all crazy. Ha I wore shoes and they told me I should start to wear flip flops. I have to tell you this part. Before they lay the cement they take a chicken and slit it's throat and spread the blood all over the floor in the house. Then lay the cement on it. The weirdest thing I have probably seen. They claim it is lucky or something. After that they cooked the chicken up and were going to eat it for lunch. We left before they ate. We had stuff to do. Just a normal day but we had a ward party later and they had a ping pong table so it was fun. The Bishop later came up to me and said he wants my comp to transfer. He doesn't like him but he wants me to stay. He said that he can tell that he is lazy. It's kinda true but a little harsh. So then on Saturday just a regular day we taught Brother Bong. He acted a little different after the lesson not sure why but maybe something is changing. Ha later the Natividad family had us over for FHE. They were all singing videoke. Ha Brother Natividad is actually really good at singing. He he will sing even if he is alone just for fun. he is a crazy dude. So that was my week. It had a few ups and downs. That helps you realize that your Father in Heaven will listen if you just ask him. He is always willing to help. well thanks for everything. It means a lot I love you all have a good week. Love Elder Robison.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letter & pictures August 5, 2013

Family, Hey how is everyone doing?  I hope everything is good.  It's now August so thats crazy.  Harvest time is here again.  Everything will be getting busy back home.  Ha you will all be sitting in combines for the next few weeks.  Hopefully I will get some pictures of it all.  The people here will be amazed at it.  They have never seen anything like that.  The summer kinda flew by.  it seems like everyone will be starting school and football and stuff.  Well why things get busy there they slow down here.  It's the rainiest months so that means that everyone just sleeps.  Whenever it's rainy they just sleep.  I don't know why but thats what they do no matter what.  So trying to teach people doesn't work out so good.  So we teach about half as many lessons and walk a lot.  I'll tell you a little bit about what I have been doing.  On Monday it was p-day.  I just emailed you all.  I am thankful for Jodee so that she can tell you guys that I am on so we can email back and forth. Ha.  Rachels finger was nasty.  After that we went grocery shopping.  Later that night we had a FHE and they fed us goat.  I don't really like it.  There are tons of bones in it.  Tuesday was a rainy day so it was slow.  Only 2 lessons and Diane the one that accepted a baptismal date told us that her dad told her that she can't be baptized.  We will keep teaching until he will soften his heart and allow it to happen.  We will just have to see what Heavenly Father can do.  Wednesday another rainy day so slow but we ordered pizza that night so it helped make it better.  Thursday was a better day for teaching.  We can't seem to get Bong to accept a baptismal date.  He won't decide between being a Catholic or a Mormon so we don't know what to do with him.  Later that night the little girls father agreed to give the prayer at her baptism.  Thats a big step for him because he is really less active.  He will barely pray in our lessons.  He did pray at our last lesson and we could tell that the spirit touched him.  His voice got really shaky and soft.  It's crazy how strong prayer can affect someone.  That is why we should always pray.  Friday was just a normal day.  That night Brother Natividad cooked us dinner.  He does that once or twice a week.  After that we found out that the other Elders baptism won't be happening on Saturday.  They found out that her family are muslim and they called our Bishop and said don't let her be baptized or married or she will be taken and killed.  So they can't do that.  She still wants to go through with it but they can't let her.  It's sad though because she is so ready.  She actually said well I have to die sometime so lets just do it but for now it will have to wait.  President has the final say in that one.  So on Saturday we had our baptism.  Three little girls.  They all chose me to do it so it was good.  Neither of their dads came so kinda sad.  Then we only had 2 pairs of baptismal clothes at the church that would fit so they had to share.  It was good.  They were all excited.  After that we had dinner at our 1st councilors house.  Brother & sister Budua. They are a little richer than normal.  They were having a party so there was a ton of food there.  Then they gave us ice cream and just lots of stuff.  So that has been my week.  A few things have happened so it helps speed up the time.  Well I love you all.  Thanks for everything you all do.  Have a good week at home.  Send pictures of farming and a family picture.  People always ask to see my family and I don't have a picture.  Thanks.  Love Elder Robison

Kids playing ball at church

Janna Ignacio

Jem Remerez

Jem & Jea her sister was also baptized

Our 1st councilors house at FHE

Service at its finest

Mixing cement

Laying the floor

Brother Natividad singing away at a church activity

Really nice old dude in our ward

Eating lunch

Elder Medalle finished it all

Salbador family.  They are really nice.  They have no power so we teach by candlelight.  It is cool
Playing games on p-day