Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 4-10, 2013

Family, hey how is everyone. Hope your all doing really good. Just to let you all know the storm didn't really affect where I am at. It just rained a little and the wind blew. I guess where the storm actually hit was pretty bad but I am good no problems. We have just been busy working. It's almost Thanksgiving. I'll miss that. They don't do that here. I wish they did I love Thanksgiving. I have heard your getting some snow back home. I'm a little jealous but that's okay. I expect to get some snowmobile pictures of something soon. Our weeks are finally back to normal again no holidays and my comp isn't going home soon so just back to normal. It will be nice. As you all probably know I got my new companion. He is from Fruitland Idaho. He is a cool kid. He is new this is only his second transfer. He is already really good at the language so that makes it easier to train him. I kinda enjoy being the one to lead the lessons every time I really like it. I feel like we can have a lot of success this transfer. We have had 3 investigators accept baptism dates if they pray and know its true. Since it is true I know that they will receive their answers. I am excited for them. On Monday I got to work with Elder Houston. He is new as well and we both didn't have comps so we were together. We went out and taught. He is a little shy but he did alright. Tuesday was my p-day. I only got to email for 1 hour because Elder Latu and I had to figure out what to do with people for transfers so kind of a busy p-day. Wednesday was transfer day so we went to the chapel to wait for everyone which always takes up like the whole day for it to be over. We got home around 4 let them unpack their stuff. Then we went grocery shopping to get food for everyone. Then ate some dinner. After that Elder Starr and I went by the chapel to introduce him to Bishop and some members. That was Wednesday. Thursday was our first day of work together. It went good we taught Darcel and sis Janelano. They are doing good. My companion is really good at Tagalog so it helps we just finish up the day and went and ate dinner. Friday well it was rainy and windy because of the typhoon. We only taught 1 lesson because we were told to go home early so that what we did. Saturday we had a good full day we got anew investigator and found a new less active. We then taught Sis Janelano she is doing good. The spirit was so strong she teared up at the end when I asked her to pray if the church was true or not. We taught sister Leni she just went on about her problems. We couldn't ever really teach so it was hard. She can cause a headache sometimes. The Natividad family fed us. Sunday Sis Leni and her daughter came to church and Sis Janelano they all came today and 8 less actives came as well. I had to teach the class in church just off the top of my head. I wasn't prepared at all but it went alright. Then we went and had dinner with the members so that was my week. It's been busy but good. I know the church is true. Hope you all have a great week. Thanks for everything ya'll do. Have a great week. Love Elder Robison

November 10, 2013

Family hey everyone what is going on. I hope you are all doing well. Have some fun for Thanksgiving. Let me know if you get to ride snowmobiles or not and how much snow there is in Island Park. I'll sure be thinking of you all. I don't think we get to do anything its just a regular day for us as far as I know. It's a good time to just slow down and give thanks for the many things we have been blessed with and for our families. We are all truly lucky the people that got hit by the storm still don't have enough food. The missionaries have been moved to Manilla. they have nothing no clothes, no beds so we have been asked to donate if we have extra and what not. So have fun let me know how everything is. I heard there will be another baby when I get home. Thats crazy, but congratulations. Three new ones it will be a full house that's for sure. If you all don't slow things down there might be a 4th on the way. That should be fun though. Well we had a pretty good week. It started off so slow but has finished so good. Monday was just p-day. There is nothing to do in our area so we always just end up hanging out. Later that night the Budua family had us over for dinner. Tuesday ha what a day we went out and only taught 1 lesson. Nobody was home. It was so hot. We couldn't find anyone to teach. Sister Darcel was our only lesson. Sure enough Wednesday was just the same one lesson and really hot. No one home. We did some tracting got close to getting in but nope. They said they are all busy. The one lesson to the Romano family was an okay lesson they don't seem way excited about the church. Thursday finally a good day. We taught 5 lessons. We met 2 new less actives that promised they would go to church. We taught Darcel and Leni. Her daughter Cristian told us that she wants to be baptized so December 14 is her goal. She seems super excited about it so it should be good. We taught Brother Natividad. A first he didn't want to but I made him. Once we got started he got really serious and I know he wants to change. We taught repentance and you could see it hit him. He knows there is a problem. He wants to change so after that he fed us dinner. Friday alright day a few lessons. We taught Sister Almoite. She has a special kid and the Bishop told her he should be baptized so we went and explained to her that he don't need to and what not. She was so happy we came. She broke down and cried a few times but she was so happy. Saturday we had a really good day. We taught Sister Jamelamo and the spirit was so strong. it always is with her. She got an answer that this is the true church. Her goal is December 14 as well. She had tears in her eyes and a big smile on her face at the end. Then we went to Darcel and she also received an answer so her goal is on December 14th. We then taught Cristian again. so we got 3 people with baptism dates this week. It was a good week. The Lord truly has blessed us this week. I hope everything goes good as planned. Sunday went really good. Everyone we are working with showed up to church. It was a good day. Later we had a dinner then came home so that was my week. It was really good a lot happened and lots of good goals set. I am excited to see it all turn out so it's been good. Well I hope you all are doing well. I am doing good so have a good Thanksgiving. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Robison

October 28-November 3, 2013

Family, hey how is everything going? I hope everything is going really good and your enjoying a little snow. I got a picture in an email of the snow in Island Park. Ha made me a little jealous but that is alright there are plenty more winters to come. As of right now I am here to serve the Lord and help the people here gain a relationship with our Heavenly Father. I really love it here and I love the people that I get to work with. They are all so happy to have us all the time. I will be getting anew companion. His name is Elder Starr and he is from Idaho. Ha has only been here for 6 weeks so I will finish up training him. I also found out that I will be a District leader this transfer. So some big changes and a lot more responsibility put on my shoulders. It's alright though it will make me have to step up. I am excited about this new transfer. I will miss my last comp but its all good. he is done with his mission now. It has been a Holiday here so teaching this week has been a little rough. It's All Saints Day so everyone goes to the cemetery and just hangs out all week. Its kind of like Memorial Day but it lasts longer. On Monday we went back to Elder Scanlans old areas so he could see them before he left. It was good he has a lot of close people that he knows and they are all very nice people. Tuesday was alright we went and taught Sister Monica she is okay not sure how interested she is. She thinks all religions are still the same. Later that night we went and told Diane goodbye because she left back to her province. her sister replaced her here so now we are teaching her so it worked out good. Wednesday we had a slow day. The whole week has been that way though. We just tried to visit some people but they are busy getting ready for the weekend. Thursday same deal but Natividad family invited us to a little party of theirs to eat so we did that on Thursday night. Friday and Saturday was the actual holiday the streets were packed and traffic was really bad. No teaching because no one was home. Sunday just church not a ton showed up to church. Just a slow week to sum it up but next week will be good. I am excited to meet my new comp and get to know him. Things will be good. Thanks for everything all the support. Love you all. Have a great week. Sorry the letter is short. Love Elder Robison

October 27, 2013

Family hey how are you all doing. Things hopefully have slowed down for you all. Hopefully it will start to snow soon so it cvan be a good winter. Ha if it even snowed like an inch here I would be happy but everone here would die. I have yet to see a heater here nor do I think I ever will. The temperature has cooled down a little I think not a ton though. We are just about to finish another transfer just one more week. I'll find out who my new comp is next week. Hopefully it will be good. I am coming up on my year mark here soon. Just two months and I'll be there. I'll be able to burn one of my nasty white shirts that aren't' very white anymore. Oh and sorry if you haven't been receiving my letters I guess there has been a problem with the mail here and in the mission office so you might not have received all of my letters. Well I'll tell you about my week start with Monday. It wasn't P-day as you figured out. Elder Latu and I went on splits because he is getting tired of his companion and just kind of needed a break from him so we went on splits. We taught a few lessons then later that night the Elisan family had us over for FHE. They are such a close family that all love the gospel so much. Tuesday still not p-day but everyone was really wanting one. It made that day so long but we did have zone meeting over in Pasig so it helped split up some time and make it go faster. Wednesday it was finally p-day we woke up early and headed to the temple. We caught the first session and I finally got to see the new video. I truly love going to the temple. There isn't a better place to just go sit and think. Everyone needs to do that to receive some answers to questions. After the temple we went to the mall it took forever and I never buy anything when we go so we just walk around and look at stuff. We didn't get out of there until like 3:30 then we had an hour long ride back to our area. I didn't get to email you all. Except mom you were up really early and I surprisingly caught you for just a little bit so that was nice. I didn't think I would. Thursday good work day We went and taught sis Leni. she thinks she gets it all but she doesn't yet if she did she would of come to church. We taught Diane one last time before her baptism. We taught a less active member as well. We ate dinner at the Natividad family. Friday um we did some weekly planning which takes forever. Then went and taught this lady we met a few weeks ago. She thinks that religion is all the same and that its all for money. We had a long discussion with her and just asked her to pray about Joseph Smith. We then had a dinner appointment that was a long ways away so we went there and ate dinner. Saturday we had a big day. Every companionship in our zone except one had a baptism planned so we joined it all together and had a zone baptism. It turned out really good and Diane was really happy but super nervous to bare her testimony. It was a great day for the zone. Sunday Diane became an official member of the church. Her baptism is complete and she is a new member. She is really excited about it so we finished the week off right. That was my week. So well I hope I didn't bore you with the letter but have a great week. Love you all thanks for all you do for me. I know the church is true and miracles do happen depending on your faith. Love ya'll thanks love Elder Robison

October 20, 2013

Family, hey everyone how is it all going back home. Another week is all finished up already and man it has been busy. Just with interviews and baptismal interviews and splits and stuff. It was good the busier we are the faster the time goes by. Time moves pretty quick the year is about to come to a close. I can't lie it will be hard to not see or ride a snowmobile this year or even see snow but its alright just one of the things I will have to give up for a year. There is always next year. Hopefully you all can get your government stuff figured out so I can stop hearing about it. People think because I am from there I'll know about it but they don't realize no tv or computers. Well anyways I hope things are all good back home getting the crops all figured out and what not and finishing up for the year. As for me the same old thing each week. Ha I have been in this area for a little over 4 months now and President told me I'll be here at least on more so I'll have been here for 6 months. I don't know why but that's hard nothing new just the same streets and faces everyday. Sometimes I feel like a little change in our lives would help but its all good. Well so about my week. On Monday it was p-day. We went to the chapel and everyone cooked and we ate lunch and then played games. We didn't finish until late so we didn't get to email so we got permission to go Tuesday morning. Tuesday we emailed then went out to work right after that. Even on the effective side of the area nobody was home we didn't teach one appointment. So that made for a long day. Wednesday we had our zone interviews. We started at 12 but President was late. We didn't finish until 6:30 but it was good. I really like President and Sister Revillo. In my interview he said next transfer I'll have to be ready to step up. I think district leader but I don't know what he meant when he said that. Then he said so are you ready to train. I don't remember what I said but he said that I could be training as well but who knows. I thought that last time but I didn't so I guess we will just have to wait and see. After that the zone went and ate together then Thursday just regular day went to work taught a less active family and that was it again. Nobody home we walked around all day trying to teach and nothing. Not sure where everyone was this last week. Friday after weekly planning we had to go to Sig?? the other elders area and do a baptismal interview. Their neighbor had a monkey and we got to hold it and feed it bananas it was so cool. I got some pictures. You will see. The interview took forever so we got back to our area late. Saturday we went on splits. I worked with Elder Uslgen in his area. We taught 3 lessons and then had to come meet our comps at McDonalds. they were late so we waited forever for them to get there. Sunday we had church we went early because Diane had an interview she passed so she will be baptized next week. Then we had a lady that we met a few weeks ago. She came to church for the first time. I feel like she has some potential of baptism. Good day at church. After church we had a dinner with Sister Joy they feed us every Sunday so that was my week. It flew by and was really busy. I hope they keep flying by so things are good here. Hopefully all is well back home with as much stuff changing back there. I'll be the stranger when I come home. Lots of new babies and people getting married it is crazy. Well peace be the journey. Thanks for everything you all do. Love you all have a good week. Love Elder robison

October 13, 2013

Family, hey whats up what have you all been up to? Your all done with the harvest and getting ready for the winter. ha it's crazy to think that its that time again. Ha people having Christmas decorations our here and yet its still like 80 degrees. Ha its just weird to me. It should be cold and snowy but man we have been busy this week with splits, conference and just stuff like that. I was so glad to be able to finally watch conference. it was great to have a little change to our week and not have to worry about nothing just go and listen. i really liked Elder Bednars Talk on living within our means and instead of waiting for a raise or something. That we can change our status on our own by just buying what you need. Then I really liked Pres. Uchtdorfs talk about the no perfect people but that God leads this church and God is perfect. it's true because a lot of people have got offended by Bishops or leaders and then they go less active. They don't realize that the Bishop is just a person and isn't perfect. One thing I noticed a lot of talks hit on the women and marriage again. I heard some ladies were trying to get into the priesthood session and were all mad because they said it was for men only. I thought that was kind of dumb but sounds about like what people would try these days. Well so I'll tell you about the rest of my week. Sorry if this letter is short I am short on time so just writing really quick. So Monday P-day, Tuesday, was a good day with lots of teaching and some really good lessons. Our investigators are really good. I have good hope that they will get baptized. Wednesday crappy day really rainy and was going to be a big storm so people were trying to get ready for the storm so it was a bad day for working. Thursday we went on splits. I was with Elder Whatts from Utah. Ha I really like him. He is a really funny kid. I felt bad though because he is pretty new still. He is a lot like I was not knowing Tagalog. So when we were teaching it was all on me but it was okay the spirit helped out with it. I would look at him and he looked so lost. It made me remember how hard that time was so I felt bad for him but one day it will come around for him. That day Diane said she really wants to be baptized before she moves and is very serious about it now. Ever since she finally prayed about the church she has changed completely and really wants to be baptized so on the 26th we will baptize her so are excited about that. She is kinda nervous that she has to have an interview. Friday went and taught the people we could get to. Bong is doing okay. He always reads but never will come to church don't know why so not sure what will happen with him. As like any other Friday slow and not a lot of teaching to do so Saturday we went to the Stake Center and watched Conference then later we watched Priesthood. We had to leave early because we had an appointment we had to go to. This young couple had us over for dinner. We really like them they are really funny and have the cutest little kid but she don't like us at all. She is really shy. Sunday back to the Stake Center and watched both sessions again. It really was so good to go and listen to Conference. I really enjoyed it. Another good thing from Conference I heard was someone said we can't just listen to conference and strengthen our testimony. We need to always be studying and praying. He compared ti to basketball and preparing yourself. I forgot who said it. So yeah that was my week. Kinda busy but it was good. Well I hope everything is going good for you all there. Have a great week thanks for the support love you all. Love Elder Robison