Monday, May 19, 2014

Letter 3/28-5/4/2014

Family hey how are you all doing.  I hope really well.  I believe Kandice had her baby this week.  Thats the last thing I heard so I hope that all went well and I guess I will hear whether or not mom made it back in time from her trip.  I will also expect to see pictures soon.  Other than that I don't know what else is going on.  The longer I am out the less I hear from people but I am sure its normal.  Your all just busy.  I hope everything is going good on the farm.  I hope everything stays good.  Its time you all start to get some use out of the cabin and what not.  Things are probably all starting to turn green again and look nice.  For us here nothing ever really changes its always green.  Another week has passed by so time is still flying by.  Monday was our p-day I didn't think anyone would email because mom was gone but then Rachel surprised me when I was on there.  After that just went and did some shopping and then went back to the house.  We had some stuff to try this one balancing push up and then the 4 man push up.  The balance didn't work but the 4 man push up did.  Tuesday just a regular day of working but a very slow one thats for sure.  Taught 1 lesson all day and walked a lot.  Wednesday another day but we actually taught some people.  We had 5 lessons.  We found a new investigator.  She came to church last week so we will start to teach her.  Apolo worked with us for a little while.  Thursday we went on splits.  I worked with Elder Geogun from New Zealand.  Him and Tipene knew each other before.  He is pretty new and still learning.  We had a good day set up and then we taught one lesson then got punted the rest of the day.  All we did is finding ha he was new and still kind of shy.  Friday we had a typical Friday full of meetings and planning and stuff.  We then got a good two lessons and that was Friday.  Saturday another day taught some lessons in the morning then the rest of the day was no good because we had no priesthood to work with us and all our appoinments were with woman and their husbands were not home.  Sunday just the regular day of church had lots of people show up today so it was good.  After the ward missionaries came and worked with us and we got some good appointments in but nothing to crazy.  So that was my week just normal nothing to exciting but next week I will go to Manila so that will be a nice little break for us.  Go and eat some fast food hahah we don't get that out here.  Well I hope your all really good and enjoying life.  Keep me up to date on everything.  Mothers day is next week as well so we will talk soon.  Thanks for everything have a good week.  Love you all.  Love Elder Robison

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