Monday, September 29, 2014

Email 9/28/14

Hey everyone how are you all doing we had a great week this week. busy with the work and trying to get people to go to church. Nothing to crazy happend this week we did find a new family that we will start teaching the parents are proffesional dancers. They were a refferal from a member so hopefully it all goes well. last monday we took elder brown out for his birthday to a buffet and he loved it so much food and just had a good time. Right now i am in a three some because the elders we lived with one of them got called into be an office elder so i am with Elder Salisbury and brown right now. I really like Salisbury i was with him in Mindoro and we are really good friends he dont go home for a year or something so he still has a long time left but he wants to hang out haha. its been a good week we had a good turn out at church so it was good we should hopefully have 2 baptisms next month so that should be good.  Love Elder Robison

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