Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Letter 6/3/13

Family, hey how is everyone doing. I am sure your all enjoying your summer at home. Your probably enjoying Island Park a lot. Brenan is getting close to getting married so I am sure your all busy trying to get ready for that. I think you said last time they are cultivating spuds so sounds like fun. You guys seem to always be doing something fun though so that's good. It's crazy how much has changed since I left. So many things will be different by the time I am back. Renlee will be huge. She couldn't even talk when I left now it sounds like she is pretty good at talking. Brenan could even have a kid when I get home. It's crazy how much can happen in two years. But anyways um as for me here it's been a busy slow week. We did 3 service projects. One morning we helped a family move to a new house. The other two mornings we were digging a CR or a rest room for a guy. We had to dig a 6X4 hole about 5 ft. deep. It was like digging through rocks. Ha but I have gotten really weak from being on a mission. After not doing physical labor for 6 months you get weak. After we finished I was so sore my whole body ached so I felt like a huge woose. It felt good to actually use muscles again and to use a shovel. I really enjoy doing service projects. The first day we dug the hole it was down pouring on us. Then the second day it was really hot but it was good. Teaching is still slow but we had 4 FHE this week. The first one was at Fina's house. The Apiado family came and joined us over there. It was fun we just shared a quick message and then played games. The next night it was at the Pera's families house. We shared a message there then ate dinner and they really love videoke so they sang and they always try to get us to sing. They all love to sing even if they aren't very good at it. The people here are all so loud with everything they do so when they sing it's loud. The next night was a family in the other Elders area. They cooked a ton of food for us. I was stuffed. Then she made homemade ice cream for my birthday and it was really good. I don't remember her name but they feed us quite a bit. I forgot but we were supposed to eat at our branch presidents house but they had no water so they cancelled on us so I guess it was just 3 FHE. Um Dan showed me your message and said your mom is very pretty so he said you were really nice. He also said Camry commented on a picture but he didn't say what she said so yeah that's about it for this week. So thanks for everything. Tell everyone thanks for the birthday wishes. Love you all thanks for everything. Love Elder Robison

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