Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Letter 5/26/13

Family, Hey everyone I hope everything is going well. Your probably back to cultivating ha I miss working on the farm everyday. Our work here is so different. It just repeats itself every other day but it's alright. You just get used to it. Another week of nothing very exciting. We could still use some new investigators but we haven't received any referrals in a few weeks and when we go tracting people just ran and hide from us even though we can see them. They still hide and act like no one is home. On Saturday night we had a birthday party for the little Pera's girl. Her birthday is on May 28th. We all bought her just a little gift. Things she can use to mark her scriptures. She really liked it so it was all good. It's funny how much Filipinos love to sing. When we got there they were all just singing on their karaoke machine. Every house you go to has a karaoke machine in it. Very few of them can sing but that don't matter. They just sing anyways. Some nights our neighbors do it until like 2 in the morning and they aren't very good. Transfer day is over so I'll stay in Bingagonan for another 6 weeks. Not a lot changed we got a new Kabahay in the house. Another American so there are now 4 of us. In a way it's kind of nice. He is from North Carolina. His name is Elder Loe. He is a nice kid a little different. He plays baseball for North Carolina so I think he is alright at baseball. Other than that nothing has changed. My birthday is tomorrow. I think we are going to go to the mall so it should be fun. I will finally be old enough to actually serve a mission but I am already 5 months in so that's pretty cool. Before the age change I wouldn't have even been able to leave until tomorrow. Sorry that the letter is short this week. Things have just been really slow. The work is hard right now. It's just hard to keep going nothing ever changes. Not even the food I eat. Ha no matter what I know that I will eat rice today. Well this is what I signed up for so we just keep going. The rainy season is going to start in a week or two. It rained for like 10 minutes the last 3 days. So we will see how the rain is here. They say everything gets really slow because everyone is inside sleeping but it's not as hot so that will be nice. Well thanks for every thing you all do. Thanks for the support. Love you all Love Elder Robison

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