Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letter Aug 4-10, 2013

Family, hey how are things at home. Hopefully good. Hope you all enjoying harvest time. Can't believe it is here. Ha while you guys are all wishing it was over I just wish I could do that kind of work for a while. Ha give it a little change from the work we do. No but things are good here all that stuff will be there when I get back. Only get to do this stuff once. Well we have just been trying to stay busy here. It's been really hot. I might escape my first rainy season with very little rain and no real floods. I do kinda want to experience it at least once. Everyone says is sucks but I wouldn't know yet. This week has been alright a few downers in it but its all good. I'll just start with Monday. It was p-day. Just normal day but my old companion from the MTC found out that his mom passed away from a heart attack. He was having a really hard time with it. We are in the same zone so they came and hung around with us. Then Tuesday, we met a less active member Indiana. he is white and only speaks English. He cam here and married a young filippino so he is what they call a dirty Joe. He is a nice guy. Mark Ingram is his name. Ha I was the only one to really talk my comp went real shy. Ha it was alright though Brother Ingram really likes to talk. I think he gets bored doing nothing all day with no friends to talk to so kinda hard to get out of there. After that just a regular day but we are gonna try and get the white guy back to church. Wednesday not much happened. Thursday Brother bong told us he just doesn't think he can do it and he is so ready so it stinks. We will keep teaching hoping that he will come around. Then Friday first we woke up and went to do a service project for a member. They are building a new house. some rich guy came and said that he is building condo's where there little shack was so they have to move. So we went and helped them lay the cement in and run some wires. Ha things are done a little different here. Ha no matter what they wear flip flops to work in. I think they are all crazy. Ha I wore shoes and they told me I should start to wear flip flops. I have to tell you this part. Before they lay the cement they take a chicken and slit it's throat and spread the blood all over the floor in the house. Then lay the cement on it. The weirdest thing I have probably seen. They claim it is lucky or something. After that they cooked the chicken up and were going to eat it for lunch. We left before they ate. We had stuff to do. Just a normal day but we had a ward party later and they had a ping pong table so it was fun. The Bishop later came up to me and said he wants my comp to transfer. He doesn't like him but he wants me to stay. He said that he can tell that he is lazy. It's kinda true but a little harsh. So then on Saturday just a regular day we taught Brother Bong. He acted a little different after the lesson not sure why but maybe something is changing. Ha later the Natividad family had us over for FHE. They were all singing videoke. Ha Brother Natividad is actually really good at singing. He he will sing even if he is alone just for fun. he is a crazy dude. So that was my week. It had a few ups and downs. That helps you realize that your Father in Heaven will listen if you just ask him. He is always willing to help. well thanks for everything. It means a lot I love you all have a good week. Love Elder Robison.

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