Friday, August 9, 2013


Family, hey everyone how is it all going. I hope things are all good at home. It's getting close to harvest time. That will be fun. I loved grain harvest last year. It's a really nice time of the year things start to cool down a little bit so that's always nice. As for here it should really start raining soon. It hasn't seemed to really rain a whole lot yet. Every once in a while it will rain but only for a few minutes. I kind of like it when it's cloudy here it's the little time you get to not sweat for a bit. So far though things have been alright in the area we have a baptism on August 3 so that will be good. She is 9 years old and we might baptize her 8 year old sister with her. We will see what happens. On Monday it was a boring day. I had to stay home with Elder Medalley cause he was sick and I was the only one who hadn't stayed with him so I had to cause they needed to work in their area and our area is doing fine. Tuesday was p-day. We went to the temple early in the morning. It was nice. I love to go to the temple it's one place that life just slows down and we can get away from everything. In the mission it's the only time you have to get help on anything your struggling with or just anything. I love to go to the temple. So it was good after that we went and emailed. It took forever for anyone to email me back. Then we had a family home evening that night. Wednesday we had a good busy day. We taught a lot of lessons that day. Our investigator Diane accepted a baptismal date on August 24 so that's good. She has quit being so shy so that helps when we teach her. On Thursday was a slower day lot's of appointments fell through but we did teach a little bit not a ton. On Friday we had an early lunch appointment with a less active at 11 so we taught him then came back and did our weekly planning. I was really frustrated with my companion. He didn't really want to do much at all that day. He is kind of lazy so I have to push him to do things. So I got frustrated with him. We ended up having to come back early because he claimed he was sick so Elder Fisher and I went on splits because both our comps didn't feel good. On Saturday it was a busy day so we left early to go teach the people we missed on Friday then we had to review the interview questions with Jem. Her interview was on Saturday too. We did her interview at 4 she passed then at 5 5the other Elders had a baptism so we went to that then there was another baptism at 6 for the other Elder's in our zone. We got out of the church at like 7 then had a dinner appointment. So Sunday I hope everyone will make it to church today so we can get more people ready for baptism. So that has been my week. I was reading in Mosiah this week about Abinadi. I thought it was cool that he only converted one of th people out of the Lamanites. That was Alma. I thought it was cool that that one person then went out and converted hundreds of people and how one person can turn into many. It's a great story. Probably one of my favorites. So this is what I have been doing here in the Philippines. Hope all is well at home. That everyone is doing good. Thanks for all the support and all that you do. Love you all. Love Elder Robison.

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