Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letter & pictures August 5, 2013

Family, Hey how is everyone doing?  I hope everything is good.  It's now August so thats crazy.  Harvest time is here again.  Everything will be getting busy back home.  Ha you will all be sitting in combines for the next few weeks.  Hopefully I will get some pictures of it all.  The people here will be amazed at it.  They have never seen anything like that.  The summer kinda flew by.  it seems like everyone will be starting school and football and stuff.  Well why things get busy there they slow down here.  It's the rainiest months so that means that everyone just sleeps.  Whenever it's rainy they just sleep.  I don't know why but thats what they do no matter what.  So trying to teach people doesn't work out so good.  So we teach about half as many lessons and walk a lot.  I'll tell you a little bit about what I have been doing.  On Monday it was p-day.  I just emailed you all.  I am thankful for Jodee so that she can tell you guys that I am on so we can email back and forth. Ha.  Rachels finger was nasty.  After that we went grocery shopping.  Later that night we had a FHE and they fed us goat.  I don't really like it.  There are tons of bones in it.  Tuesday was a rainy day so it was slow.  Only 2 lessons and Diane the one that accepted a baptismal date told us that her dad told her that she can't be baptized.  We will keep teaching until he will soften his heart and allow it to happen.  We will just have to see what Heavenly Father can do.  Wednesday another rainy day so slow but we ordered pizza that night so it helped make it better.  Thursday was a better day for teaching.  We can't seem to get Bong to accept a baptismal date.  He won't decide between being a Catholic or a Mormon so we don't know what to do with him.  Later that night the little girls father agreed to give the prayer at her baptism.  Thats a big step for him because he is really less active.  He will barely pray in our lessons.  He did pray at our last lesson and we could tell that the spirit touched him.  His voice got really shaky and soft.  It's crazy how strong prayer can affect someone.  That is why we should always pray.  Friday was just a normal day.  That night Brother Natividad cooked us dinner.  He does that once or twice a week.  After that we found out that the other Elders baptism won't be happening on Saturday.  They found out that her family are muslim and they called our Bishop and said don't let her be baptized or married or she will be taken and killed.  So they can't do that.  She still wants to go through with it but they can't let her.  It's sad though because she is so ready.  She actually said well I have to die sometime so lets just do it but for now it will have to wait.  President has the final say in that one.  So on Saturday we had our baptism.  Three little girls.  They all chose me to do it so it was good.  Neither of their dads came so kinda sad.  Then we only had 2 pairs of baptismal clothes at the church that would fit so they had to share.  It was good.  They were all excited.  After that we had dinner at our 1st councilors house.  Brother & sister Budua. They are a little richer than normal.  They were having a party so there was a ton of food there.  Then they gave us ice cream and just lots of stuff.  So that has been my week.  A few things have happened so it helps speed up the time.  Well I love you all.  Thanks for everything you all do.  Have a good week at home.  Send pictures of farming and a family picture.  People always ask to see my family and I don't have a picture.  Thanks.  Love Elder Robison

Kids playing ball at church

Janna Ignacio

Jem Remerez

Jem & Jea her sister was also baptized

Our 1st councilors house at FHE

Service at its finest

Mixing cement

Laying the floor

Brother Natividad singing away at a church activity

Really nice old dude in our ward

Eating lunch

Elder Medalle finished it all

Salbador family.  They are really nice.  They have no power so we teach by candlelight.  It is cool
Playing games on p-day

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