Thursday, September 19, 2013


Family, hey how are you all doing again. Hopefully things are all good. Just getting ready for spud harvest. It's crazy that it's that time again but its good. Everyone is really busy I am sure. School, sports, harvest just everything. We have been busy here as well. Trying to get some people ready for baptism. I finally had to eat balut the other day. Not good at all but I can say that I did it now. They claim I will now receive the gift of tongues so hopefully thats true. I also ate chicken head. That wasn't very good either. The brain popped in my mouth. It was nasty. It helped with our BRT with the new family we are teaching. They are the Romano family. They have 10 kids. They all still live at home. Some are members 4 of them aren't so we are teaching them. So I'll tell you about my week. Monday was P-day so we had a zone activity everyone just got together and played games and ate lunch. It was a really nice day way hot though. later that night we had a family home evening with the Elison family. Tuesday we had work day started out really slow. All of our appointments were gone and wouldn't be back until later that night. Finally when they came home we taught we ended up running out of time and not getting to teach everyone. Wednesday we taught the Romano family. They are really interested so its good. They are the ones that gave me balut. They are all really nice so hopefully things go well for the. Thursday same kind of day as Tuesday. People didn't get home until later so it was alright. The the Natividad family fed us dinner. Friday we had to go to Quezon City for Scanlan to renew his temple recommend because of traffic we didn't get back to the house until 7:30 that night so it completely messed up our teaching schedule. Saturday the other elders had some baptisms so we went to those at 3. It didn't end up starting until like 4. That is how everything is here though they say 3 but really means 4ish. So it didn't get over until late. We had a dinner appointment after so it was good. Sunday we had to go out and teach Mark again early in the morning. We then took them to church with us. I think he will get baptized in the future. They need to get married first and I think he would be good to go. They are very good about reading and keeping commitments so they are doing good. Lots of people still coming to church so that was my week. The work is moving forward. This week I have learned to just be patient with people. That when they are ready they will com around. We shouldn't drag people to do something then they won't be truly committed to whatever it is that they are doing. Well hopefully all things are going well back home. Thanks for everything you all do. Have a great week. Remember you can all be missionaries as well. Love you all thanks again. Love Elder Robison

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