Friday, September 27, 2013


Family, hey how are you all doing? I hope everything is going really good for you all. Getting busy with spud harvest I am sure. Ha can't wait to see some pictures of all that. Ha the people here will really be amazed at how it all works. When they ask how we plant and harvest or plow the fields they thing by hand or that we use caribou. They all are amazed when I show them my little toy tractor that I have so it's pretty funny. As for us we have been busy as well. Trying to get some of our investigators to baptism. Most of our investigators are pretty new so it will still be awhile but so far they are doing pretty good. I'll tell you about my week. Monday was not p-day so it was a work day. We went and contacted a referral we received. Her name was Ruby. We had to teach very slow. She didn't understand much. She also had a hard time listening. She isn't a native tagalog speaker so it might be a little difficult to understand. After we went and tried to talk to some less actives that we haven't met yet. Kind of a slow day. Later that day I had a dentist check up. I thought I had a cavity but it was just a spot of something that didn't seal good or something. She said she fixed it but I am not sure. Ha don't tell Rachel that I did that but it only cost $5 so I figured why not. Tuesday that was our p-day. We went to the temple but all the sessions were full so we just did initiatories. So still haven't got to see the new movie so hopefully next time. After I tried to get back to email but everyone had something they needed to do so we didn't get back until way late so I was a little bummed so we only emailed for a short time. Wednesday we went out and tried to talk to the less actives. Not a single one of them let us in. One of them we saw hide from us and her daughter told us she wasn't there. Then later Elder Scanlan had baptismal interviews he needed to do so after that we went and taught the Romero family. They are doing alright. The father is kind of hard headed. He won't give up coffee. That's the one problem that he has. Hopefully they will all come through. Thursday we had a good day lots of appointments We taught Leni. She is interested but really busy with work. She was telling how she missed us because it had been awhile since we had been there so she is doing good. Then we taught Nini Tata. They are doing good as well. Brother really understand things and he is reading the Book of Mormon. They also told us how much happier they have been ever since we have began visiting them. I really hope they continue to want to learn and be baptized. Then we ate dinner with the Natividad family. They are really good to us. Brother don't want his kids to serve missions because he things they won't be taken care of. He said he loves them to much to send them out like that. Then he said do your parents not love you guys or imagine how they feel with you out here alone. We just laughed at him. Friday a good day. We have started to teach this kid Mark. He is special and his parents asked if he can be baptized so we are teaching him and if he understands enough then we will go through with it. He is a funny kid I like him a lot. Later that night we went to the Romero family. Only half would join us not sure why or what was up so we only taught half of them. Hopefully next time they will all join. Not sure what happened but I guess we'll see. Saturday we had priesthood session and the adult meeting for Stake Conference. It was good. Lots of people came and it was really good. That took up most of our day. Sunday we had Stake Conference it was good as well with lots of people showing up. So that was my week. We have been busy. it's been good though. Helps time go by faster. Once thing we need to be thankful for is the atonement. We need to use in in our lives everyday and always try to be better. It was put in place to be used so we need to take that opportunity and realize that forgiveness comes from Jesus Christ and because he loves us. Well have a great week. I love you all. Thanks for everything and all the support. Have a good harvest. Take lots of pictures. Thanks again. Love Elder Robison

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