Friday, September 27, 2013


Family, hey how is it all going. Hopefully things are good back home. Rap up grain harvest and then get ready for spud harvest. Things are starting to cool off I am sure. Lately it has been getting hotter here ha but it never really cools off here. There are two types of weather. Hot and rainy or hot and dry but always hot. I might freeze to death coming home in December. It will be a huge change. Football season is also in full swing. Hopefully Rigby has got something this year and they can pull out a good season. It's about time for one it's been awhile. Well I'll tell you all about my week. I was kind of bummed with our week. it was way slow for teaching. Scanlan had meetings one day, baptismal interviews another. Monday that was our p-day we went to the Pasig Palunke just to look around. It's huge but didn't find anything to great. So we just walked around after that we went straight to FHE with the Elisan family. They fed us and we had a lesson there. Tuesday we had district meeting. Ha we found out that some sisters apartment got broke into. He took all their money then the best part just to finish it off he crapped in the middle of their floor. He tried to cover it with their clothes then he wiped with their garments. It sucks for them but its pretty funny. We all laughed. Other than that we taught a few lessons it was an alright day. Wednesday we had a pretty good day. We met some new less actives. A guy with 5 daughters and the mom took off and left them all about t year ago so its pretty sad. So the father does everything. Thursday, Scanlan had a meeting in the city. they should have been back around like 2 but they got stuck in traffic and didn't get back until like 4. We went and taught Diane, Leni, Natividad again. Sister Leni seems so interested but is always busy so not sure yet where it will go with her. Brother Natividad was all mad because Sister forgot something on the jeep worth 6000 pesos. He was mad thats alot of money here. Its equivalent to $150 but its a lot more here to them so he was mad. Friday it was boring we had weekly planning in the morning until like 2. We went and taught Mark the American guy. He is funny and super talkative. I think because we know English is the main reason. Saturday really, really slow. Scanlan had to do baptismal interviews and they took forever because there was 3 of them. We went back to our area finally at like 3. There was a road show at the Stake Center so no one was home. All the members were gone. People were at work. Finally later that night Sister Natividad gave us another referral. We went and taught them. They were good it was a couple. They know a lot already and seem interested to learn more. They said come back whenever that we are always welcome. Hopefully that goes somewhere. We then taught Leni again after she got done with work. It went good to then the Natividad family fed us that was it though! Sunday um we went and taught Mark early in the morning then took them to church. There were 6 investigators at church and 12 less actives. Our attendance was way up again. Our ward seems to be doing really good. So thats my week. Have a good week thanks for everything y all do. Love you all. Love Elder Robison

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