Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Letter 9/29/13

Family, hey how is everything going back home. From moms email you all sound like your going to be busy for the next little while. It's that time of year again. Hopefully spud harvest is going good and that everyone will get them in before it starts to freeze and dad has a heart attack. From the sounds of it Rigby is doing really good this year so that is awesome. Hopefully that continues so maybe they can get a state title. Your all so lucky to live in Idaho right now and enjoy this time of year. Here it just rains every other day and floods peoples houses all the time so your all lucky to live where you live and not have to worry about all of this . Luckily we were able to get a new house that doesn't flood when it rains. Its been so nice to come home and have a dry clean house. Its been kind of a busy week with transfer day and Elder Medalle going home and just stuff like that. We only got to work 3 days this week because of it all. Monday was not my p-day so it was a work day. We tried to find more less actives in our area. Slow day but that is okay because we got 2 dinner appointments in one night. I was stuffed. It was national family week so the church wanted everyone to have FHE so we went to the Season family in the other ward. They invited us all. The food was really good. I thought that was it so I ate a lot. Then we were invited to the Elisan family and they had a ton of food so we had to eat again. I ate way to much until I felt sick. Tuesday Elder Medalle was picked up by the AP's early in the morning. After that it was finally p-day. Just normal nothing to crazy. Emailed and ate some food. Transfer p-day normally suck because people know they are transferring so they just want to go get ready so that was p-day. Wednesday was transfer day. My comp and I are both staying so its good.  Thursday we finally got a good day of work in with a lot of appointments. We tried to give Diane a new baptismal daye3 but her dad is still against it. She says she wants to so we asked her to pray and find out what she should do. I think her family would come around if she just did it. Her dad just is one of those lifelong catholic people that are hard headed. We then taught Sister Leni and her daughter. I think they would get baptized but they just need to realize the importance of our message. If they would do that they would make the time to do what it takes. I was hoping to be able to teach Nini and Tata but they were already asleep when we got there so next week. I guess. The Natividads fed us dinner again. They really are way nice to us. Friday I don't know what it is but Fridays here suck all the time. They are so slow. We did teach Sis Legaspi. She is a less active that has a daughter that really wants to be baptized. The problem is she can't until her mom comes to church and is active again. I feel bad for the little girl but her mom promised she would be at church so we will see. We later went to try some other people like the Romano family. Their house was flooded so we went to the church but everyone was busy with activities so we didn't end up getting to teach. Saturday was kind of a wasted day we were asked to come do this family thing at the City Hall. Our whole zone and another zone. We basically just sat there all day. ^ Elders could of done it just fine so it wasn't the best day. Kind of boring. Sunday we had a great day at church, 5 investigators showed up and 10 less actives. Sis Leni the one I said needs to make time she came for the first time. That is a huge step for her. I hope that it all continues to go good and she will want to be baptized. She was really good she participated in class and just was really good. The other investigators were young girls that came with friends. Later that night we had dinner with Sis Joy in our ward so that was my Sunday. It turned out to be pretty good. Well we have had a busy week and we are just starting a new transfer so hopefully we can harvest in our area and help people come unto Christ. We have a lot of hope for them so we will see. Thanks for everything you do and the support. Let me know how harvest goes. I expect lots of pictures. Thanks again. Have a good week. Love you all. Love Elder Robison

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