Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hey whats up? How is everything going? I hope all is well for you all. Hopefully harvest is going good and you will all get the crops in for the year. Sounds like the football team is doing good finally haha so it ought to be a fun year to go and watch all the games. it's been years since they or we have had a winning season. Um not sure what else is going on. I am sure it's just another busy fall time even though its busy still a great time. That's way fun to be in spud harvest. The nights are probably getting cold. That's one nice thing about here right now. It's been pretty cool lately. There is a big storm just north of us so it's made it be overcast and cool here. I don't mind it at all. I enjoy to be able to walk and not be covered in sweat. It's rained on and off for a few days. That reminds me we finally moved into our new house. It is so much nicer. It's very clean and stays cool inside. It has air conditioning but we don't use it because it will make us all go broke. The best part is when it rains we stay dry. The water doesn't just run onto the floor. I can actually walk in this house without having to wear chinaylas (flip flops). It's nice it finally fells like a house. So I hope everything is good back home. As for my week just been busy with t hings. Monday it was our p-day. We had to wake up early and go into the office so Scanlan could get finger printed to go home next transfer. I guess some new thing the foreign missionaries have to do so it was an early morning. We did that then went and ate at a nice restaurant, then emailed, then just came home. Tuesday went and worked and taught Diana, Fernando and Nini and Sister Leni. Those guys have been our focus for now. Fernando and Nini I think will get baptized for sure. They are really good. They understand so good. Diana and Leni are busy a lot so not sure what to think. Wednesday we had our mission tour slash mission conference. It was alright. President Arden from our area presidency came. Him and his wife. They spoke and so did President Revillo and Sister. They spoke to us then we ate lunch. We didn't finish until like 4 but it was fun to see half the mission together. Then after that we had the long taxi ride back home so it messed up work for that day. Thursday back to work. Today some ward missionaries worked with us. We taught about 6 lessons so it was good for them to go teach. They are both leaving on missions soon so they wanted to go work. We went and taught Fernando and Nini and met some new less active members. Then the Natividad family fed us again. They really are like our family here. They feed us all the time and are just really good to us. Friday we were working in the half of our area that doesn't have much happening so really slow day. Later that night we had a ward FHE. It was fun, I was in charge of games for the whole thing. It was good. We ate and then headed home. Saturday was move day finally. We moved all that day. The couple missionaries came and helped us. it took most of the day to get us out. We still have to go back and clean up the old house. the new house is great. Tell Melanee that there are no mice in this one. Later that night we went to the Elison family for a farewell party for there two kids that leave soon and Elder Medalle because he goes home next week. They cooked a pig head and had tons of food. It was good. Lots of people came. Sunday our church time got changed to 2 now so we don't get done until late so it messes up a day for work. Our meetings after don't get done until like 6:30. We then go out and work. It rained all day Sunday so a slow day. That is my week. One thing we all need to do is rely on our Heavenly Father. He is always there and knows what we need in our lives and when we need it. Any time we feel the need to pray we should right then say a prayer. It doesn't have to be a loud prayer and can just be to ourselves. I promise it helps every time we pray. So well hopefully everything is good at home. Thanks for everything y'all do. I love you all. Love Elder Robison

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