Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 6, 2013

Family, hey how are you all doing? Well spud harvest should be over. Ha thats crazy it all flew by. Ha at least for me it seems that way. I get one letter that says you just started and by the time I get the next one you say your all finished up. I am sure it doesn't seem that fast for all of you that are in the trucks everyday. One more month and you will be putting everything away for the year and getting ready for Christmas
. Here its already the Christmas season. They start playing Christmas music in September to December so its a little different. I think its a little early but that just me. One of these days it is supposed to cool off but not sure when that will be either. We finished the first week of the new transfer. It flew by it seems like.So it was just an average week. Some good things happened. On Monday that was p-day, just regular nothing crazy just a lot of hanging around washing clothes and stuff. We then had FHE at the Elison family. They bought a fruit called Durian or something not very good. People here love it. To me it tasted like onions and lettuce mixed together and it smelled horrible. Y'all will have to try it when you come back. Tuesday was a regular day. We went and taught Diane and Sister Leni is all that we got to teach. No one else was home. Later it was one of the Natividads birthdays so they fed us dinner and then they were all singing videoke. They love that stuff here even if they cant sing it don't matter they do it loud. Wednesday ha what a day we went on splits that day. I had to go with Atwood the Canadian kid. We went to a hard half of our area where we have a hard time getting appointments so we walk a lot. We only taught one or two lessons ha we talked to a few people out on the streets. It was a long day. I was glad to have it over. Thursday we had a great day. We taught Diane again she finally prayed and said she wanted to be baptized. We gave her a date. It turns out she is moving back to her province that week so we have to refer her to the Elders there so all the work we put into it and we won't even get to see the reward. That was kind of a let down. We then went to Sister Leni and taught her. It was a good lesson one of them that you can feel the spirit strongly. We then asked her if she would be baptized if she got the answer that this church is true and she said yes so we are shooting for November 2nd for her. Hopefully all goes well. We then taught Nini and Tata. They wouldn't accept a date because they said they still want to learn more but they will come around in just a little bit I know it. The Natividads fed us dinner again so thats always good it helps us save money. Friday we went back to the hard side of our area and we taught Bong and some less actives. We met this less active family awhile back. All of them are members but a 14 year old girl. We tried to teach her and she just flat out said she doesn't want to be baptized. We don't know what was up with her or why she said that but she really don't want to. Saturday ha well we ended up buying a couch for our apartment. We have a nice house something was just missing so we were visiting our less active white guy and they are moving and selling a lot of stuff so I asked about their couch and he said yeah and we got it for P1500 about $30 ha its so nice having somewhere to sit now. Our house got even better. Sunday well first thing we went out early to teach Brother Mark and bring them to church with us. We got there and they were just leaving to the market. They said they would meet us at the church. They didn't show up so not sure what happened. We had 5 others show up but Sister Leni didn't come so that was no good. After church we went to Sister Joy and they fed us dinner. Since church is so late that was that for Sunday. That was my week its been good I've got good hopes for our investigators. Well thanks for everything. Tell people he for me. Thanks again have a good week. Love elder Robison.

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