Wednesday, February 5, 2014

December 29-January 4, 2014

Family hey how is it going. I hope your all doing good and that them babies got out of the hospital. I am sure they will be the focus for the next little while. I can't even imagine how spoiled they are all going to be. Poor little Renlee isn't going to be the only one. She is going to have to share the things with two more. Ha I am sure its pretty freezing cold there right now and hopefully snowing a lot so you all can get some good use out of the snowmobiles. If your not all getting to old to do so. They say that this is the cool season here right now but I haven't felt nothing cool yet. I personally don't feel the change. I finally got your Christmas package only 1 week after Christmas. Thanks a ton it means a lot. We really enjoyed opening the gifts. I have been reading over all the letters and tell everyone thanks. Ha New Years here is a lot bigger party than we have. It is so loud so sleeping is no good. Well I'll tell you about my week. Monday was p-day just normal. We emailed and did all of that stuff. Later that night I finally got to go and get my packages. So that was nice to finally get. Tuesday was just a regular day of work but we had to be in the house by 6 because it was New Years and things get crazy here. For us it just sucks because it is loud but we can't go outside. We just tried to go to bed. Wednesday was New Years day. Again just a regular day. We were working and then we got a text to go teach someone but my comp got a "prompting" that we shouldn't. He just insisted that we go to this other place. I am getting really tired of him with this prompting thing. It happens everyday. Later that night we had a dinner which was really good. Thursday we had splits so I got to work with Elder Crosby. Nice kid. It was nice we actually got some work done and the other zone leader worked with Elder Schenk. They talked to him about it. Hopefully it fixes the problem. We will see. So Friday we had weekly planning and the zone leaders asked me to talk to him so we talked forever. I don't know if it helps but he has an interview with President on Monday. Later that night we got punted at every appointment Saturday the day was going good and we were teaching people and then H just stopped walking and I was like lets go. He was like I cant I feel something bad will happen. He wouldn't move. I was really getting frustrated so again we stopped and talked about it. He then claimed he needed to go home and figure it out. I really don't know what is making him go crazy but it needs to stop soon. Sunday just regular day at church and worked after. We had to go give a blessing to a nanay at the hospital. We shared with them and she was really emotional and the spirit was really strong. That was it for Sunday but hopefully we can get this crap figured out soon or I don't know what to do. That was my week. I am frustrated with it but its fine. Must be preparing me for something later in life. So well have a good week. Thanks for the gifts and letters. Love you all. Thanks again. Sorry the letters took forever. The post office has been closed for a few weeks. Love you all thanks Love Elder Robison

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