Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 13-19, 2014

Family hey how is everything going back home. Hopefully it is nice and cold for you all. Its actually been really nice here right now. I wish it would stay cool like this all year here. Only for about a month or two then it will get really hot. Things have been going alright here. We had an okay week. I haven't heard yet if you all have been riding snowmobiles. I sure hope so. Tell me if there is a lot of snow or not. Well I think mom and dad are in Hawaii as I am writing this so you should be enjoying your time. Your not to far away from me right now. Only like a 7 hour flight. Well while you have all been on vacation. I have just been working here so on Monday was p-day. We emailed and what not then just finished up some stuff we needed to get done. Tuesday we were going to have zone interviews but they got cancelled at the last minute. President had some emergencies to go to so we had a zone training instead. After we went and ate with the district at an American burger joint. It was really good. Then just back to work. Normal day nothing to crazy just regular we had some good lessons. We are trying to get Sister Timmy and her husband married so she can be baptized. She is really ready just waiting for the government here. Her husband is an RM and has been less active for a long time but now he is coming back and is really good. So it is good. Hopefully soon. Wednesday regular day as well kind of slow but it was alright. We teach this little 9 year old girl she is so smart she speaks English and has all the lessons figured out. Thursday, we had a good day. We are trying to get John Michael BocBoc ready for his baptism that is next week. He is a little punk but a good kid only 10 years old. Friday we had our zone interviews it was good but I still didn't get an interview yet. President ran out of time and had to leave because his kid has been in the hospital.We rescheduled tell Monday. Saturday we had an activity at the church for a girl in the ward that is home from her mission. Kinda crazy that will be me in less than a year. Then that night we had an area broadcast so we attended that and it was good. I had to go give a sister a blessing afterwards because she is sick and that took forever. Their house is really far. Sunday ha what a day. We went to church but John Michael didn't show up so we have to reschedule his baptism for February. Everyone else came so that was good but my comp was really struggling that day. Having lots of feelings and just being really weird. It was a long day. I was ready to get home that is for sure. So that was my week. Nothing to crazy other than we found out Sunday night that the interviews won't be until Thursday now. Its all good. Hopefully you had a good time on your trip and that your enjoying the new little babies. Keep me up to date on things like whats going on. Thanks again for everything. Have a good week. Love you all Love Elder Robison

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