Wednesday, February 5, 2014

December 15-22, 2013

Family hey how is everything going. I hope your all doing good and that the babies are now good and running around the house just kidding. I was glad to see the pictures they are really really small but if they can eat like Kendall they will get bigger in no time. I hope things are still going good with them. It probably is getting pretty cold and hopefully a lot of snow. Well I am now in my 3rd area, Cainta. The people have been really nice and are so giving. The members have so far been pretty good. We have gotten fed like crazy. Dinner and lunch and snacks. Probably after Christmas it will slow way down but as for now it will be good. So far I am just trying to get to know everyone and my area but I will tell you about my week. So Monday I was in Taguig but it turned more into a goodbye day for me. I went and said goodbye to everyone. They all gave me gifts and remembrances. The Badua family bought me pizza. We had a FHE with the Natividads some of them teared up when I left. They were hard to say bye to. I really liked them so that was Monday, Tuesday I just got all packed after email and cleaned our house then just relaxed. Wednesday was transfer day so we got up early and went to the transfer point. A rich American family had their driver take us to our new area so that was really nice. It saved me a lot of money. We went out later that night but nothing happened. Thursday first full day. We taught a few lessons but I don't remember their names yet. We also got punted a lot but its alright this area is kinda struggling. Friday we went and get a little work in but we had a practice for the Christmas party. We are in a skit. I met a guy named Aris. He is a sweet dude and is our Elders quorum president but works with us a lot. I have never seen a 29 year old so dedicated to the church. I hope we can all have that same drive he does. I think I can learn a lot from him. The best part he is normal and really cool. Saturday we got out and taught then later that night we had our Christmas party. Lots of members showed up with lots of food, games and skits. It was really good. . Sunday we went to church. I introduced myself and then later they gave me an envelope and I am the concluding speaker next week. Not very thrilled. After that we went caroling and delivered goods to some less actives. So that was my week. It was alright. I hope it goes well and we can turn the area around. I hope you all had a good Christmas it will be nice to talk to you all on Christmas. Thanks for everything you o I love you all. Love Elder Robison

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