Monday, March 3, 2014

February 3-9, 2014

Family hey how is everyone doing. I hope everything is going good and that its still snowing. It has gotten so hot here lately. It doesn't really even cool off at night either. Sleeping has been more difficult because of it. Its all good though this is my last hot season here so before I know it I will be sitting in the snow back home. It should be starting to warm up for you guys back home at least here in a month or so then before you all know it you will be sitting in the tractors again. So other than its gotten really hot we still had a pretty good week. On Monday we had a regular day no p-day we taught a few lessons. We taught our new investigator Mary Jane and gave her the Book of Mormon and she accepted to be baptized. Tuesday we had the baptism and it went good. We had to sing at it. It turned out good for only having 10 minutes to prepare. Then after we went and taught a new referral we got. They had lots of questions. They invited us back to teach again. Wednesday was our temple p-day. It was good to go to the temple. Its always so relaxing there and peaceful. After we just came and emailed but it was slow you were all busy. Then we had dinner with Tatay Fudela. Thursday another good day of teaching with some good lessons even though our new investigator said yes to baptism she is still so shy. She hides her face and will hardly say anything but she listens really well. Friday I had to go to a meeting for the District leader stuff. It was good we all went and ate after. Saturday good day we taught a few lessons our new investigator Mary Jane read 15 chapters from the Book of Mormon so she is doing really good. We are excited for her she is golden. Then the next day at church she was there so she is good. We got the confirmation done and we have another baptism next week. We are finally getting these young kids all finished up so that was our week. It was pretty good. We hope to have another good week. I hope your all doing good thanks for everything you all do. Love you all and enjoy the cold. Love Elder Robison

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