Monday, June 9, 2014

May 12-18, 2014

Family hey how is everyone doing back at home. It is officially summer time for you guys there. Ha that's crazy that its already summer. We are technically in the rainy season but it won't get bad for a while. Its been really hot and humid lately so I could use a good rain storm to cool everything off here. I am glad to be out here right now rather then the city. it is so dirty and really hot in the city. Here there is a breeze most of the time so that helps cool me off. I hope that your summer is going good. We had a pretty good week and taught some good lessons. Monday was P-day and we got to call home for Mothers Day. It was nice to see you guys the thing didn't work great but for what did work it was good. After that had some lunch then went and hung out at the house. We had a few other Elders at our house so it was a mess. We did a lot of cleaning. Tuesday we had a good day working with the Heywoods, the couple missionaries. We taught some good lessons to the less actives to get them to realize the importance of church. We then went to Sister Oirada the new Primary President to give her some instruction. She is new at it and was less active a month ago. She is so excited to have the calling. Wednesday had a good lesson with Anika. She is a referral and she listens really good and asks good questions. I think she will be baptized in the future. Thursday I was on splits with Elder Tipene. Had a good day planned and then no one was home. We ended up doing a lot of finding its alright because he loves to find. He says it is his favorite thing. We had some people tell us to come back so we will see how that goes for us. Friday is weekly planning and then meetings normal. I actually don't mind meetings. I like them. That night we got to teach Anika about the Book of Mormon. She was so excited to get it. She accepted to be baptized but she leaves to a different island for a few weeks so it will be a little while. Saturday had a very slow day. Apolo worked with us so I pushed him all over but no one was home. We taught one lesson but it was to a rich lady who normally says she is busy. She tried but I just said we would love to share a 5 minute lesson with you. She let us in and we bore testimony on The Book of Mormon. She was happy to listen. We then had a meeting at the church. During the meeting Elder Tipene and I fixed records in the system. They are really bad here lots of mistakes. We are trying to fix it so its clean and orderly. That took about two hours to do like 20 names. Sunday we had church and we are filling the chapel with less actives and investigators. I love being a part of the progress. We are up to about 150 people each week. When I got here it was like 120 people so things are happening. After church lots of people wanted to work so we went on splits. I had the older people we made some good visits to people. It was a good week. I pray that it continues to progress here. I hope your all doing good back home. Enjoy your summer time before you know it it will be harvest time. Tell everyone hi and to take care. Thanks I love you all. Love Elder Robison

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