Thursday, June 26, 2014

May 26-June 1, 2014

Family hey how is everyone doing back at home.  Its summer and everything is turning green.  Starting to really warm up and be nice back at home.  We are getting into the raining season but its not really raining yet just lightning storms every night so its really cool.  The sky is always flashing.  I should be out here for at least one more transfer.  It could be two but I am not sure.  I am getting down to my last 4 transfers.  After this one just 6 months to go then its all done and over.  Its crazy I am kind of nervous to go home.  Not sure what to do with my life so much has changed there.  Everyone that I used to know is off doing their own things and what not.  Just the other day we got instructed by the area presidency that we need to get married as fast as we can when we get back, then school.  There is so much I have to figure out when I get back.  it will be a big adjustment that's for sure.  Right now I just have to keep my focus here and it will all work out.  This last week was another busy one.  Monday you already know we didn't get to email because the power went out.  We just had our zone activity and what not.  The activity was a sports fest/games.  It was fun and nice to get to run around and what not.  Tuesday regular day of work.  It was my birthday but that doesn't change anything here other than Elder Holden bought me lunch.  We had a good day.  We taught soe good lessons and then that night went and cleaned the chapel for our zone conference on Thursday.  Wednesday we had splits with the AP's.   It was my first time.  It was good.  Elder Osoras was really excited to be out working.  They don't get to do much missionary work.  Thursday was zone conference all day long and it was good.  They fed us a good lunch and had some good workshops.  Friday was a day of meetings and then a branch FHE.  I got put on water duty at the church the pumps are all messed up so we had to try and fix them for the baptisms on Saturday.  We got water but there is still problems.  Saturday was also busy.  We cleaned the church all morning then had a far teaching appointment then had to be back for a baptism.  The baptism was good 4 people got baptized.  After that another meeting Sunday was a good day at church.  We had 6 investigators come and a few less active families.  Finally people are going to church.  We need to keep it going though. Then we went to work after.  More like goodbyes for Elder Holden he things he is transferring. That was my week.  It was a busy one.  As far as I know I am not transferring this time to thats good.  I hope you are all enjoying your summer back home.  And the farming of course.  Keep me up to date.  I think all those new babies are good and doing well.  Hopefully.  But good luck have a good week.  Love you all.  Love Elder Robison

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