Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014 email

hey well i had a good week nothing out of the ordinary, but it was good we are still working hard and trying to get all of our investigators to baptism. we have alot showing up to church but they all have some little things to take care of but the harvest should start this month so that will be good here. Lately we have only found a few new people to teach, but they are all priesthood potentials so that is really good and different for a change. we have one guy that is so smart and is really investigating the church he truly wants to know the truth so it is really fun to teach him. We are just starting another transfer right now so i have at least one more here i will finish up training elder brown. he is doing good and starting to really enjoy the work. We will just keep working hard and both try and keep our minds off of home. His mind goes back and i try not to let mine go forward. but i love the work and am so gratefull for this oppurtunity to serve here. I love the people and my mission and i know this is the true church. Hope your all doing well i love you all thanks for everything.
Elder Robison

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