Monday, August 18, 2014

Email 8/17/14

Hey everyone how are you all doing. I will just write a short little letter to you all and let you know how I have been doing. We have been trying to stay busy with the work, but this week seemed like everywhere we went no one was home or they were sick or busy. It was all good though thats part of the great work that we are apart of. I am still here in Marikina and we had a great miracle happen this week with these two guys we  got to contact. We were out looking for a refferal, but the address was wrong so we were lost and then a member that works for the church pulled over and asked us if we had contacted these people. We said no we dont  know who they are. They kinda got lost in the white wash. There was no record of them and so he said that they visited them once and that was it. He said can I take you to show you their house and we said yeah. Turns out two guys very interested and they both have families. So we were very luck to meet them and we will start teaching them now and hopefully it will go well for us. So that was the best part to our week nothing to crazy but it was good. Thank you all for everything I love you guys.
Love Elder Robison

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