Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Letter August 2014

Family hey how are you all doing. I hope your all doing alright. It's harvest time now so thats always fun. I sure miss that time back home. From the emails and letters it sounds like it will be a rough crop for people everywhere there so thats no good. We all know that things will work out and there is a plan for everything that happens. Even if it sets us back a little. It will give all the farmers something to talk about all winter long. As for me I am doing really good. Just coming to the close of another transfer soon. Busy as ever. The time is really flying by now. I am still training and its good. Elder Brown is starting to enjoy the mission. Reminds me of when I was new and didn't really want to be here then that all goes away and then you start to enjoy it. Then before you know it is over and your getting ready to go home. I am in the city of Marikina. The shoe capital but its an alright city. Cleaner than most cities here but still not clean. Our ward isn't the strongest but they try. We had 10 investigators at church last week and a few less actives showed up as well. We are hoping to have two baptisms on August 30th and then about 3 in September. Thats what we want. Everything seems to be on track so I think we can get them so things are going good. We have a really fun zone. I like a lot of the Elders here right now. It is weird that I am the oldest out of all of them but 1 other Elder. They are all good guys though so we have a lot of fun. We go play basketball every p-day. Yeah that is what I have been up to for the last little while. Sorry for the lack of letters lately. Just busy and there isn't a way for me to send them to you only every once in a while but I will try and keep you all up to date on how stuff is going. Thanks for all that you are doing and remember that all things come to pass even the trials. It's the pattern in the Book of Mormon. Thanks!! Love you all Love Elder Robison

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