Saturday, January 10, 2015

email 12/8/14

Well I guess I'll just write you all a quick letter and tell you that I am okay and that nothing really happend we just had to stay inside all day yesterday for nothing it didnt even hit until late last night and it only lasted about 1 hour and it wasnt very bad here. Pday was very boring sitting in the house all day long. We do have a baptism coming up this week so hopefully it goes through his interview will be later today actually. Well not much went down last week just people preparing for the storm and stuff like that so nothing to exciting for my week. We have been working hard. Its a little different actually coming to an end of my mission. Everything I am doing is preparing for going home I am dealing with government things and last interviews and stuff like that next week we have a class we will go to that is supposed to help us adjust and get back into the world. Well it will be good. Just have to finish strong. Well love you all and hope you have a good week talk next week. 
Love Elder Robison 

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