Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letter 4/28/13

Family, hey everyone I hope everything is going good at home. You should be about done planting if not finished I think so I bet dad is less stressed for about a week then the grain crusts a little but it's all good. Sounds like you guys use the cabin a lot so it can't be to bad. I miss everyone a lot. I really miss being on the farm a lot but it's alright I am here for the next two farm seasons. Well this week has been another slow week with 0 new investigators. We go out tracting and people say to come back the next day and we do and then they will hide from us in their house. We actually had a lady answer the door see it was us close the door and then she never came back out so we are struggling in our area. Since we were both new when we cam here we don't know any of the less active members. We have made plans three times with our ward mission leader to come work with us and all three times ha has cancelled so we are just stuck. We only have 1 progressing investigator right now and we need about 10. We haven't received a referral in like 6 weeks for us so not much going on. On Tuesday we did get to go to the temple and then to this huge mall so it was fun. Everyone was buying pearls and I couldn't spend that much money so I didn't buy any. I don't know why but I really struggle to buy things here. We only get 4000 peso's every two weeks. It's almost $100 but we have to pay bills and transportation and for groceries. Then on Thursday we had a devotional from the area authority Elder Ardern. Elder Gillette and I had to do a roll play with the guy so that sucked really bed in front of the whole mission. I got to see everyone from the MTC again it's the first time since I got here so that was good. I think I am the only one that has had a harder area out in the province. They are all in the city part and they said their houses are all pretty good. It's all good for some reason I feel like my next area is going to be in Mendoro the island. I don't know why if it is I won't be able to send letters ever probably just email and we only receive mail every 6 weeks out there but who really knows. Everyone seems to love it out there. I told you in the email that Elder Smith knows Kandice's sister Kendi. He said they met up at college. I think he has a crush on her. I told him where Camry went to school and he was like I know a girl from out there and he was like Kendi Stoneberg. I laughed and told him how I know her. Small world. But anyways thanks for everything I love you all a ton. I love you all and miss you and pray for you all. Tell Bishop we have some similar journal entries. a and tell him thanks it was funny to read. Thanks for the letters love you all. Love Elder Robison

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