Friday, May 31, 2013

Two letters showed up today gotta love the Philippines Mail system

May 12, 2013
Family hey everyone I hope everything is going really good. Sounds like you have all been really busy on the farm. That's good at least you finally got Brenan to go to work j/k Now that everything is planted I am sure your going to spend some time in Island Park so that's always fun. I finally got the pictures you sent. Renlee has gotten big. She wasn't even walking when I left. She will be pretty old when I get back that will be crazy but that's forever away it feels like. Well today is Mothers Day here but not until tomorrow at home so I get to call you all tomorrow. I just pray that the skype thing works out good and that everyone is there. I really miss everyone from home. My life at home just feels like a dream. I can't even imagine walking into the front door of the house. It's weird and it's only been 4 months so who knows what it will fell like in 20 more months. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. So anyways a little bit about what I have been up to. Just the same thing everyday. This week started out with our zone activity at Daranock Falls. It was a cool place and would have been a lot cooler if we weren't missionaries so we could of swam but it was still fun. Then I just had a normal week. We met a 13 year old kid who wants to be baptized so that's cool. His mom is already a member. Those 4 new people I wrote about last time didn't go as good as we wanted. One didn't live in our area, two are lesbians together and the other had like 3 kids with different people so not really the best investigators. Me and Gillette have decided to focus on some of our less actives who could go through the temple. We have 4 people and I think that is bigger than baptism in a way if we can get them to go through so that would be really cool. We got to take a tour through our church that is being built. It's huge and has AC so it would be nice. I hope I am still here to see it when it's done. I think our area would take off if it was finished. People have to travel so far to go to church right now. There are a lot of people who can't afford to get here so we could have a lot of success if it was done. Hopefully soon. It seems like President DeLaMar doesn't like to leave people in area's very long so who knows when I will get transferred. So out of all the branches in our district we lead in baptisms and number of Priesthood holders. We have over 200 members in the branch. We could be a ward but we have to wait for all the other branches to be ready so we can become a stake. That's kind of the goal for our zone is to become a stake. The rainy season is getting close to starting so that will be interesting. I guess we will see how that all goes. Well so that's about it for what I have been doing. I hope tomorrow works out good and everyone is there. I can't wait to see everyone. I love you all. Thanks for everything you do for me. Have a great week. Love Elder Robison.

May 20, 2013
Family hey how is everyone doing at home. I am sure you are doing good. It was really good to talk to everyone on Monday. it feels like it's been forever. I haven't seen anyone I know for over 4 months now it's crazy. I kind of wish time would pass by a little bit faster. It feels pretty slow. I still wake up in the morning and think it's crazy that I have to do this everyday for 19 months. It's just hard it gets very repetitive and it feels like nothing ever changes. It's the same old thing everyday. I walk the same paths everyday and the same people that yelled at me the day before do it again. Nothing seems to be changing I guess but it's all good. So a little bit about my week. Monday I called you guys then after we talked we ran to the market and bought our food for the week. We got done there at like 3:30 so we headed back to the apartment. We just hung out for a little while then I washed some clothes. Tuesday nothing to exciting happened just went out and worked. Same thing on Wednesday just went out and worked. Those two days were good we got to teach everyone we planned to teach so it was good. On Thursday we had an interesting morning. The other two elders in the apartment left to do some service in their area. Elder Gillette and I were upstairs studying. We leave the door open to try and get some air flow in the house so it's always open. We could hear the other Elder's were home so we went downstairs to talk to them and then Elder Sabawil went into our back wash area and we hear him yell "What the heck" and we look and there was a little kid hiding back there. He was in our house. We think he was stealing stuff and then got trapped in the house and couldn't run out because they came home so that was a surprise. Sabawil just chewed him out in Tagalog and that was it. Friday was just a normal day but we only taught 2 lessons because everyone was asleep or gone so not the best day. Saturday was a lot like Friday. For Sunday we will just go to church then go visit some people. P-day is on Tuesday this next week because it's transfer week. I don't really want to be transferred I would like to see the progress of our area when the church is done but I have been in this area the longest out of everyone so I don't know what will happen. Hopefully I stay at least one more transfer. Well other than that nothing to crazy this last week. Just keep me updated on what's going on back home and how everyone is doing. Thanks for everything you all do. Love Elder Robison

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