Thursday, May 16, 2013

4/22/13 Letter

Family, well I hope everything is going good at home. Your probably getting ready or already started planting spuds. I am sure your all really busy. Well once again not a huge week here. I did get to build a house or more like a fort for some old guy to live in. Ha Elder Jensen said he needed our help so we show up and it's like a little shack that he lives in. By the time we finished it was a little better but really it was like a fort. The tools we used were a saws-all and a chain saw. That's how we cut all the wood so that explains the quality of the work but it was good to actually be able to work on something like that. I got sunburned pretty bad on my neck for the first time. So when I put my shirt and tie on it rubs pretty bad. Other than that just a normal week. Yesterday on Sunday we got Dan to church. He is the kid from the bakery so that was good. We will see what he thought when we go over for dinner on Wednesday. Yesterday we also got everyone confirmed so it was a good day everyone is finally done. church here is very different the people kind of treat it like a hang out place and there isn't much order here. I don't know what Dan thought but I am sure it's good. Tonight Fina invited us to Danica's birthday party so we will have dinner tonight so that's good. It helps us save money and it's just nice. Last week I lived the whole week on $6 so I saved a lot of money. Tomorrow is p-day and we get to go to the temple so that's always good. I love the temple. When I go there it's the only thing that is close to what home feels like. I almost feel normal. The one bad thing is we have to wake up so early to get there. Our zone and area are so far away so it takes like 1 1/2 hours to get there. We will get to go to some mall so that's good. I don't like how it messes up our email time though so you probably won't be awake this week. Anyways let me know about what's going on at home and how everyone is and how farming is going. Keep me up to date on everything. So thanks for everything sorry the letter is short. Everything has just been slow so not a lot of details but thanks again! Love you all so much. Love Elder Robison

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