Friday, May 24, 2013

Letter 5/5/13 & pictures

Family, How is everything going back at home. I hope everything is going good and your all enjoying life. Right now is early Sunday morning here so I thought I would hurry and write you before church because tomorrow I won't have time. Tomorrow for P-day our zone activity we are going to Daranack Falls. I guess there are some really cool waterfalls here so it might be a late email day sorry about that. I think you guys should be just crust busting the grain right now so I am sure dad is back to stressed again. Tell him if he needs extra help Camry will come drive. I trained her good last year j/k So I guess I'll tel you about what I have been doing. Just a normal week. It's been really hot so I have been sweating like crazy. My shirt one day was completely wet so it was gross. I am probably going to have all of my clothes refitted because they are all to big now. My pants won't stay up unless my belt is tightened all the way and my shirts just look huge on me now. I was actually thinking that unless I gain all my weight back my suit won't fit when I come home so I might have to get one made like a month before I go home. Anyways we had a branch party on Friday. It was at a swimming resort so not very fun for missionaries but Filipinos love to karaoke so they did that there. They all are terrible at singing but it was just nice to go and relax for a little bit. Last night we met a huge family. It's like it was meant to be so we had met this kid at the market one day and he gave us his address to come and teach him but we couldn't find his house. Addresses are kind of pointless here because they are impossible to find. Anyways so we couldn't find him again so then last night we were walking to an appointment. This lady said hey Elders and started talking to us. She said she was a member but her family wasn't and that the missionaries just stopped teaching them a long time ago. So we said well where do you live and we will come teach you so they she walked us up to their house. It was way back in this tight little alleyway. There was no way we would of found this place so we get there and the first person we see is the kid from the market. it was his sister that took us there. They all seemed pretty interested so it was good. The whole family was there. We already know that they all have some problems to overcome but we will hope for the best and just pray that they progress. That is mostly it for what has happened this week. June if when the wet season starts so that will be a change. It doesn't sound fun though everyone hates the wet season. Well I hope everything is going good at home. It's about summer time so I'll bet your at the cabin quite a bit. I love you all have fun and thanks for everything. Love Elder Robison
Daranak Falls

People swimming at Daranka Falls

People cliff jumping

Our zone at Daranak Falls

Me and Gillette


FHE with the Peras family

Our little friend Angel

Laundry Room


Gillette in the kitchen

Our new front door and gate

Our study area
Lost a little weight just 30 pounds

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