Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Letter 7/15-22/13 & pictures

Family, hey how is everyone doing. It's Sunday morning here so I think your all probably standing in line at Brenan's reception. Well when you get this that will be old news. Ha and your probably glad it's over so everything will calm down. Well I hope your all doing really good and enjoying your summer. Before you know it you will be back to cutting grain but that's always a fun time of the year one of my favorites. July is about to come to a close then into August. That's when the flooding is the worst so they tell me. It hasn't rained a whole lot here just every once in a while. I am waiting for a really big storm still. So on Monday it was P-day and we went to a mall to go eat but our support hadn't come so we just ate at McDonalds. We didn't need to travel that far for that but it's all good. On Tuesday we just had a regular day of work but there was a lot of commotion behind our apartment. There were news people everywhere. They thought a kid was kidnapped at first but the kid got locked in a car and died. He was only 4 and was in there for a really long time. The parents claimed they couldn't see anything in the car because the windows are so dark but we saw the car and you could see through the windows so we think they did it on purpose. On Wednesday I went on splits with my District leader. He wanted me to come help him find some new people in their area. We found a lot of new people and walked a ton but that's alright I am used to it by now. On Thursday we were told to find a new apartment so we spent the most of the day doing that. We found a few. We should be moving out of here on September 1st that would be nice. This place has a lot of problems. Friday the couple missionaries came and checked out the apartments we found then I went and worked with Elder Fisher because his comp was sick and they needed to work in their area so I went with him and my comp stayed with his. On Saturday we had a lot of appointments so it was a busy day. We taught a lot. Our last appointment was with Brother Bong and his dad was there. He is a less active. We taught about the Book of Mormon. I looked at his dad and he was crying. The spirit was so strong and it really touched his dad. At the end of the lesson the dad said that his family will all be at church. It was really good so hopefully we will see them later today at church. So they didn't all end up going to church the dad did which was good but Bong didn't come so not sure what happens there. So I guess we will try to get him there next week. Sounds like all is good t home your all enjoying a new boat sounds like so thats fun. Ha I was a bit surprised to hear that he bought a boat but that will be fun for the family to enjoy together. I would like to see some pictures of what you have all been doing. As for me I'll be in the Philippines trying to survive the floods. Well thanks for everything you all do. Love you all. Thanks again Lover Elder Robison

A mouse we caught in our apartment there are a lot more

A brown out

My MTC comp Elder Vea's first baptism

Catching a ride on the back of a jeep

Elder Fishers baptism

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