Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Family hey how is everything going back home.  I hope its all good.  You might all be freezing now.  It's still better then sweating to death haha.  No just kidding it seems like it has been a little cooler here lately so that is nice.  I really hope you are getting a lot of snow finally and riding the snowmobiles alot.  If not you will just have to wait for me to get some use out of them.  For all I know is that the twins are doing good so far at least that was the last thing I heard.  I am sure they are being spoiled like nobody's business.  I can only imagine the amount of clothes you guys have bought for them.  They will keep you all busy for the next few months and then Kandice will have hers and you will be busy again.  There will be lots of new little people when I get home.  It should be fun.  Well as for me we had a pretty good week so on Monday was p-day, we emailed and then after we had to go to the office for Elder Schenk to get an interview with President.  It seemed to help a little.  President just told him to follow me and it went better on Tuesday.  We had a good day and taught a lot of lessons.  They scheduled him a doctors appointment.  I guess he struggles with depression so we went to the hospital on Wednesday to see a specialist for him.  One of the nicest hospitals I have ever seen in my life.  They said like one of the top 20 hospitals in the world.  So that was cool.  I didn't feel like I was in the Philippines anymore.  Later that night we had dinner with Tatay Eudela.  He added you all on facebook.  He is way cool and way nice.  He will take pictures of me and post them for you every week.  We had to eat Balut again which I still don't like.  It just don't taste that good.  Thursday we had some good lessons.  Elder Schenk tried again but we got him through it and kept going.  Friday we had a service project.  We helped some old lady pick her weeks in her garden then we had weekly planning.  It took a long time because Elder Schenk is struggling.  I feel like a counselor sometimes.  He is really worried he might just have to go home so I talked to him about it.  Saturday had a good day and taught a few lessons and he seemed to be doing a little bit better.  O yeah on Friday night I cooked my first Pinoy dinner.  It turned out alright.  It was really spicy less peppers next time.  So Sunday was a good day we had lots of people at church other than Sister Timmy didn't come.  She will be baptized soon.  They just have to get married.  Brother Aris worked with us after church.  He is really good at teaching.  I really like the dude.  He is so dedicated to the church it is awesome.  We found a new family of 4 to teach.  They were nice and open to us so it was a good day.  That was my week.  A little different than normal but Okay.  I hope everything is going well for you all.  Enjoy the winter while you have it.  Before ya know it it will be spring again and back in the tractors.  Thanks for everything you all do.  Love you all.  Love Elder Robison

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