Friday, April 18, 2014

Letter 3/24-31/14

Family hey how are you all doing back home.  I am sure your all busy trying to get the grain planted and what not so your break is over now its time to get back to work.  I will expect to see some pictures from planting and just what your all doing.  The time is really starting to fly by.  I am really enjoying the weeks are flying by.  The hot season is starting here and the season for brown outs.  The power shuts off for about 2 hours everyday.  The other day we had one for 6 hours it was so hot and it was on pday while we were emailing so I might of just randomly stopped emailing.  If that happens it just means the power went out and I'll be back on because they have generators so it just takes awhile.  Thats the only thing I don't really enjoy is the brown outs.  Its all good we can deal with it.  I'll tell you about my week.  It started with p-day on Monday just a normal p-day.  We emailed like normal then went and had some shirts made by a member for us.  I had to buy a few things and then that was it we came and sat at home is all we did.  We had one appointment and it fell through so nothing for teaching that day.  Tuesday regular day of work for appointments then had to go finish a project thing for this one guy that is putting Book Of Mormons in all the hotels here.  Wednesday we taught some good lessons and found some new investigators nothing to crazy though.  Just normal day.  Thursday I went on splits with Elder Malmarose in his area.  His area is really province there is nothing out there but rice farms and very few houses and the ocean is also there but we walked so much and did lots of finding which was good.  Elder Malmarose is a good kid and has a really good attitude about the work.  His branch president fed us dinner then we went home and I was ready for bed.  We walked forever.  Friday we had meetings and weekly planning then a branch FHE that night and it was just a lot of youth.  The youth are really strong here so it looks good for the future.  Saturday we also found a guy that tried to kill an elder once and we aren't supposed to be in that area but we didn't know that.  He liked us so it was alright.  Saturday we had a good day went back and taught some of the people we tracted.  They were really nice and invited us back so that was good.  We also had a service project that day early in the morning we went and cleaned the road by the church with all the members.  Sunday we had church then we had some youth work with us and we went to this one less active and she asked us to give her sister a blessing and so her sister pulled off her hat and she was bald.  I though cancer but it turns out her hair got caught in the prop of a boat and scalped her.  It was gross to touch.  She blamed it on witchcraft, kind of a weird thing so that was Sunday and my week.  Sorry my letter is short.  I was really busy but thanks for all you do.  Have a good planting season.  Hope it goes well.  Thanks again tell everyone hi and love you all.  Love Elder Robison

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