Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March 9, 2014, this letter showed up really late

Family hey how are you all doing. I hope your all doing great and enjoying life. Time is starting to fly by. This transfer is now over and I will be transferring. Starting the next chapter of my mission. President told us early that we would be transferring because our area is becoming a sisters area. There are so many sister missionaries coming into the field so they made our area a sisters area. The members weren't happy when they heard they like the Elders more is what they said. They know we can't do anything about it though. They act like they are really going to miss us. Well I'll tell you all about my week and what we did. Monday was our p_day and we emailed and then some Elders in the zone wanted to go bowling so we went and bowled for a little bit. It was good. I still really like to bowl so I had fun. Tuesday we taught Sis. Darlina, Maia's mom. She has lots of questions about the gospel. I think she will be baptized in the future. After we answer her questions she understands a lot better. The spirit is always there so she is close. She opens up to us so I hope she opens up to the sisters. Then we went and watched the restoration movie with Sister Melena. She would be baptized but she isn't married to her boyfriend and they have a kid. Wednesday we taught Riley Espiritu just a review of baptismal interview but she is now ready so that's good. We visited Sister Jo a member. She is always really close the missionaries. She is very poor and has nothing. Then our dinner got moved with Brother Eudela to Friday so we had no dinner. Thursday normal day nothing to crazy we got Mary Jane ready for her interview this Sunday. She is so shy I hope she passes it. Friday we had to be up early to go to our mission tour. It was really good. I enjoyed the talks that were given. Elder Echohawk is a really nice guy. I got to eat lunch with him and found some stuff out about him. he loves hunting and fishing and was the Attorney General for Idaho. he ran for Governor in 1994 but he is originally from New Mexico. Really nice and easy to talk to. He also worked in Washington DC with the President. Something to do with the Indians in the USA. Then he was called to be a 70 and he was one of the few people that knew about the age change before anyone else. So it was pretty interesting but I liked him. I also had to give the opening prayer at the meeting. After that we went to eat with Brother Eudela at his house. It was really good food. We also found out at the mission tour that we were transferring. Saturday not a ton more of good bye's. We taught Riley again and tried a few other people. On Sunday we had church. Bishop called us up to speak since it was the last Sunday for us. After church we got Mary Jane and Riley interviewed and they both passed so their baptism is on the 15th but we won't be here so that stinks. Later that night we had FHE at the BocBoc family it was good. When we got home I got a call from President. He told me that I will be a zone leader next transfer. Then he asked if its okay. So thats the next step in the mission. That was my week. It was good and a little different. Crazy to think another transfer is over. I'll be home before I know it at this rate. Well have a good week. Thank you for everything. I love you all Thanks again. Love Elder Robison

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