Thursday, April 10, 2014

Letter March 23, 2014

Family hey how are you all doing.  I hope your all doing really good.  I have heard that the snow is gone and the tractors are coming out so that is exciting.  It is already harvest time here.  They are harvesting the onions and the tobacco.  First time I have seen that before.  It's all by hand here not much machinery here.  they seem to still get by though.  Sorry I missed the last week of letters.  I just found the post office.  I will try and do better on writing.  We have gotten a lot busier since I have moved out to Mindoro.  The branch wants us to do things and then we have meetings and things with the zone.  Its all good though.  I am really enjoying this area.  I still don't know it yet but its really nice and very beautiful.  Its clean and the people are great.  We have been able to find lots of new people and we had two baptisms this week so I'll tell you about my week.  Monday was p-day and we had to give a zone training then we had lots to do and I was really late on email sorry.  Tuesday just regular day of work had a few good appointments.  We got Apolo and JR interviewed for their baptism.  They both passed and are really excited.  Wednesday I went on splits with Elder Oyler.  Nice kid he is a country kid so we got along good and could talk all day.  It was nice to get to know him.  He is one of the district leaders in the zone.  We got punted a lot though but his area is on the beach.  It was really nice Thursday we got a new investigator named Mel.  Hopefully things go well for him.  He was really nice.  Then Elder Holden got sick the rest of the day and Friday too so Saturday we had the baptism.  It went good.  Apolo is in a wheelchair so it was interesting but we got it done.  Holden still didn't feel good so we went home.  Sunday we had church and gave Apolo and FR the Holy Ghost.  We then went out and taught some good lessons.  President and Sister Heywood the couple missionaries out here had all 8 of the missionaries in the branch over to eat.  I like them they are really nice people so that was my week.  Sorry the letter is kind of short.  There were a few days my comp was sick so not a lot happened.  Well I hope your all doing really well and enjoying life.  Remember to always serve within your own wards and to always follow the council of our leaders.  Well love you all and have a good week.  Love Elder Robison

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