Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Email 4/9/13

Me: What do you drink
Kaden:um i drink water or soda
Me: Do you have to spray for mosquitoes
Kaden:um yeah we spray for them alot at night
Me: Are you any tanner
Kaden: i am a little tanner not much
Me: Do you work with the youth of the church at all what do they do for mutual
Kaden: not sure what the youth does we arent really involved with that part of church
How do you do conference there because it is Monday for you by the time Conference starts here
Kaden: we watch conference this next sunday they record it so its this week for us
Me: Did your baptisms go through
Kaden:um the baptisms went through barely i told you about that in my letter i sent home
Me do you like your comp:
Kaden: yeah i like my comp and we are both staying in this area
Me:Did your bakery couple make it to church
Kaden: they didnt make it to church this week they are moving the store so hopefully next week
Me: What is your zone called
Kaden: we are the morong zone so yeah i dont think it will be hard to come home to something clean but you just get use to living here i guess but its getting really hot now
Me: So how many did you baptize this week and how many investigators do you have.
Kaden: We had 6 baptisms this week um really we are out of investigators so we have been trying to find new ones.
Me: Tell me your schedule
Kaden:wake up at 630 get ready do personal study for an hour then comp study and then a hour of language then lunch then go out after lunch usually about 1
Me: How far do you have to walk to your little town to use the internet.
Kaden:there are internet shops on like every corner so it just depends where you go but its like a mile to our little town fro where we live but its not bad i guess you jsut dont notice how far you really walk in a day
Me: What are you doing today for p-day
Kaden:washing clothes is all i will have time to do it takes forever so ill bedoing that all day long so that sucks we waste alot of time doign that in the week its kinda dumb that they wont let us have washing machines it takes up a few hours of week and it gets old so thats what ill do today and maybe get my hair cut real quick

jeep ride to temple sitting on the floor

Fina and her family at the temple

Elder Gillette

Cool temple pic

temple tour

Elder Gillette, Franco, Anna, Francis, uncle (who baptized Francis), me the Peras family

Elder Gillette, Francis, Franco and me

Elder and Sister Jensen with the Peras family

The Esporlas family, me, Fina, Danica, Elder Gillette

Great day with 5 baptisms

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