Thursday, April 11, 2013

Letter 3/30/13

Family, how are you all doing at home. I hope everything is going really good. Farming should be coming up soon so that's cool. Things are probably going to start to get really busy. That's good though if your busy that means your all moving forward. I am actually really going to miss working on the farm. I have realized how much I loved to do it so that stinks but it's alright it will be there when I get home. Hopefully Brenan can fill the hole I am leaving at the house and on the farm j/k. And Brenan don't trash my guns and stuff this summer. I don't care what you use just try to take care of it. But anyways I am writing this on a Saturday night. Tomorrow is Sunday and the Peras family is being baptized. Franco is the dad and i really like him he is a stud. We stopped by there last night to follow up and make sure everything was good for Sunday. Franco bore his testimony to me, just me because everyone else was talking. It was cool, he just said I know that this is true. That he is old enough to tell that this is what is right for his family and that his son Francis needs this and that he knows without a doubt that it's right. it was cool so I am excited for them tomorrow. I really like this family. We have also met these kids that run a bakery. Two of them are 20 and the girl is 19 and they own and run their own shop. They are cool they always give us free bread. The girl is a member we are going to help them move next week to a cheaper shop so that they can afford to close on Sundays and come to church so that's good. They speak pretty good English so I really like them. Hopefully we can get them to baptism. I don't remember if I told you but one night we got home and our water pipes had been stolen so we had no water. It could have been a pretty nasty next day without a shower but luckily we got a hold of our landlord and they got it fixed. The couple missionaries stopped by and they said that we live in one of the worst apartments in the whole mission. They said we can try and find another one so we are looking for a place to rent. The problem is there are no nice place's that are good for our area. We just hope we can get out of here soon. We didn't get to email this week so that sucks. Sorry we had to take Sister Fina to Quezon City to have an interview with President. It was on our p-day but she can be baptized on Sunday so it was good. I am happy she can. It's about a two hour jeep ride to there from our area. But yeah that lady in the temple is right the native kids don't use the money for the right things. I always have my emergency fund it's a rule to have about a 1000 peso's with you somewhere. I try not to spend a lot of money so that's why I don't ever pull out of my personal account but later I'll do it for some souvenirs they sale here to the missionaries . So now that the three baptisms had to be moved back a week we should have 5 on Sunday so it will be a big day. Franco and Anna want me to baptize them. Francis wants his uncle and not sure who Fina and Danica want to yet but a lot of people are getting baptized. The problem is after they are all done we have not a lot of potential so we need to work hard and find some new people. Other than that everything is going good. I still don't know any language but my new comp always tried to help me so it's good. One day I'll know whats really going on and I will be able to actually help out in some lessons. Well thanks for all the support I love you all. Let me know about my friends and their missions. Thanks love you all Love Elder Robison

I forgot to post his pictures from this week so they are with his email post

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