Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter 4/8/13

Family, well it was a busy week last week. First it started with a bad p-day. We had to take a jeep for two hours to go to the mission office so we could have one of our investigators interviewed by the President. It kind of messed up the whole day but it was good she passed and she will be baptized the following Sunday. A few days later we were stopped by a trike driver. He yelled and said I want to talk to you. He cuts us off and starts yelling at us. He said we paid him with fake money. We had no idea what he was talking about. We ride like 30 trikes a week and he said that we rode his and paid him with fake money. We were just like okay calm down we will pay you. Then he wouldn't take the money. Really weird then he said I know that your instruments in the hands of God and that he studies our book and goes to church. So to finish it off he invited us over to come and teach him later so it turned out alright. Not sure why he was so mad and then nice all the sudden. Then the next day we were asked to cast a spirit our of a house so we are going and first thing you see in the house is a kid chained to a bench. It was so gross. These people are all crazy. They said if he isn't chained he will run away and get hurt. He is a handicapped kid. Then the lady starts showing the stuff she was messing with . They told us it was a weejee board but it turns out she had just made up some paper and really it was nothing she was just crazy. So nothing happened. Then on Sunday we had five baptisms planned it was going to be great. They all came and are ready. They were all excited and ready. Everything was going great. The font was filling. Just for a little bit though. There was no water left in the church so the font got about 6 inches full and that was it. The whole church was dry no water. So we start trying to fix it. I realized how helpless these people are they all would just stand around and do nothing so I had to go into the water supply room and fix it. I could only get a little water to come out so we found a hose and we found a way to get water but it was very slow. We almost rescheduled but Sister Fina said I can't let Satan win it has to be today. So we baptized 5 people. We had them sit in the font and I knelt behind them and in about 16 inches of water we baptized them all. After Sister Fina bore her testimony. She said she felt like Jesus was holding her and putting her under the water. she was dead serious so that was cool. So that was all last week. The baptisms went good and it was all good. It's crazy how strong Satan really is and the things he will do to stop people from baptism but as Sister Fina said you can't let him win. Well thanks for all of the support I love you all a ton. I'll be calling next month. I'll try and make it so it is Sunday night there but we will see. Email me and tell me what works best. Love you thanks again for everything your all great. Love Elder Robison

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