Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Email & pictures 4/30/13 (5th week in the field)

Rachel asked what the nastiest thing he had eaten
Kaden: Rachel shrimp paste its these little shrimp that our ground up it taste like dirt. The worst thing this week is we had to reschedule the baptisms to next week she was sick again so we should have 5 next week. We had to go and take our investigator to president to get an interview that is why i am on so late sorry um so that stinks but she is good to go for Sunday he said. So that is good and yeah the native kids are always out of money so she is right there and yeah i like my new comp we get along really good and I agree with sara its hard but it will come i am sure i am still the newest in the mission so yeah and no rain yet the storms start in like 2 months i guess.

mom next week i will email on tuesday i will try to make it earlier today we got really busy and had to go to qc (Quezon City) so we were late sorry ill be earlier next week I dont think i will transfer so i should be in the same area but you never know so i am almost finished with my first transfer only 14 more so little by little but its good its not that bad right now we are in the hot time of the year so its a little warm. but its good we should have 5 babtisms next week we hope. this week they fell through so they are next week the pregnant girl was sick again so if it dont happen this week it will have to wait about a month but ill let you know when i get the packages we should have mail run next week hopefully. um other than that nothing to crazy just really busy sorry ill put pics on next week for sure um i hope i answered all your questions and everything um tell everyone hi for me and that i am doing good and try and get me cory's email for me and when you get a chance send me some good tweezers i need some so and other than that i am good i have become very cheap i dont like to spend alot of money its actually kind of hard to spend to much ill send another letter tomorrow and ill but a date on it this time sorry and yeah really not alot changes here just alot of people. i cant say i love the kids here like everyone said they are all so rowdy and just not good the parents dont parent so they are hard to like but there are a few good ones but other than that no complaints still shower out of a bucket and washing clothes by hand thats probably the crappiest part about the whole thing and stuff. we are looking for a new house we live in one of the worst houses in the whole mission but there really arent any new houses for rent so we are stuck. thanks for everything you do i love you and your great i pray for everyone everyday and please give me cory's email and tell everyone hi for me so sorry its way late try and be up next week it wont be as late love you thank you for everything you have done and thanks for the life you supplied for me at home i really took it for granted i was very blessed when we come back i think you all will be very shocked at what goes on here its sad but they are happy and the people dont care so thanks i love you
Love elder Robison

I put some pics on i found a way so not very many i always forgett to take pics and i think i am getting skinny everyone here says i look alot smaller than when i got here so i dont know how much i am down

Me standing by the lake in our area

Elder Sabawill getting water for our shower

The lake

The bananas are really little over here

Chillin at the church

A pig pen out in the middle of nowhere.  They raise and sell pigs here

A sunset pic.  Our area doesn't get real great sunsets so if I ever get transferred maybe I'll get a better one.

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