Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 2-8, 2013

Family Hey how is everyone doing hopefully doing good and enjoying some snow if you got any. Well I don't really know what you all are doing for Christmas. I think Rachel is getting close to having babies but I am not sure. If so good luck with that. As for me I don't know what I will be doing for Christmas. I could get transferred on the 18th right before Christmas and be in a new area where I don't know anyone. I think that is what will end up happening. I have been here forever. Hopefully skype and all that works out really good so we can chat for awhile. It might be hard for me to find a computer shop that is open but I will try. Tell everyone Merry Christmas for me. I am sure you will end up at the cabin at some point soon. Tell me if there is a lot of snow or not and if your riding snowmobiles or whats going on. So this will probably be your Christmas letter sorry nothing to exciting. So well I'll just tell you about my week and whats been going on. So Monday was p-day and it was good just relaxed and got some stuff done. Emailed and it was good. Later that night we had FHE with the Natividad family and Sister Leni came. Of course Brother Natividad had to be a punk the whole time with smart aleck answers and stuff but it was good. Tuesday we had our zone conference in Quezon City. It was fun to see everyone they. they fed us then we just do a bunch of workshops and stuff we didn't get home until late that night. Wednesday back to work we went and taught Sis Jamelano, Leni, Cristian, and Darcel. We are trying to get them ready for their interviews. I think they will do fine. Thursday we went to the harder side of our area and tried to find some people. Not a lot of luck we did find these people, 3 guys they let us teach and it seemed to go well. That was about it for that day. Friday we went and did a review of the interviews to everyone. They will do good I feel that they are all ready. Saturday we were going to go back to those guys we found so we text them and then they dropped us so back to finding more. We went and tried to get into some rich subdivisions but the security guards wouldn't let us in so we are going to try and talk to the home owners association and see if they will let us in. If they will it will open up lots of opportunities. Sunday well everyone showed up and they all passed their interviews so next week we should have 4 baptisms. They all did good and are excited for next week. After that just regular church then later that night we had FHE with Sis Joy and their family. It was good a short lesson, food, games so that was my week. Nothing to crazy. Things are still on track for the baptisms. Well thank you all for everything. Have a good Christmas. I am sure I will hear all about it will love you thanks for everything again. Love Elder robison

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