Thursday, January 2, 2014

November 25-December 1, 2013

Family hey how is everyone doing back at home. I hope your all having a great holiday season. Christmas is coming up soon and I'll be able to call home so that will be good. We will have to schedule when you guys want me to or what not. I just hope there is a computer shop open on Christmas so we can do the Skype thing again. Need to do it now because it will come fast. I am sure there is a lot of snow now so that should be fun. I expect to see some pictures of it all. Well this week nothing to crazy been going on just trying to get our investigators ready for December 14th so we have been really focused on them. They will be interviewed next week. Nothing to exciting just teaching so on Monday we went and taught Ferdz and Jesse. They are two new guys we met that are open to listen to us so we are excited to see what goes on there with all of that stuff. We tried to do some more finding after that. No luck though. Tuesday we went and taught Darcel, Leni, Cristian and Sister Jemelano. They are all doing good and I love to teach them and see them start to change and build a relationship with Heavenly father. So far all are on track for their baptisms so that was Tuesday, Wedne3sday was finally our p-day and we got to go to the temple. I really do love every chance I get to go to the temple. It's really just a different place like nothing else in the world. After that we went to the mall and got lunch. Actually that morning I got to drink some real milk. It was amazing, so good. We then went and emailed it was late though not very many people emailed but its good. Thursday, back to work we went and taught everyone again. We are kind of in a hurry with them so we are trying to teach them as much as possible. It was Thanksgiving. I got to eat some McDonalds for my Thanksgiving so kind of lame but after that night some people from New Mexico they brought us turkey, potatoes, pie and rolls and milk again. Real milk. So we all sat down and had Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. We had to do some weekly planning. It took a little long but it was alright. The day before we ran out of time and didn't get to teach Darcel so that is where we went Friday and tried some finding. The Natividad family fed us that night. Then Saturday same thing we went out and taught them all again. They are doing good. We didn't catch Cristian. She wasn't home yet. I really hope we can get everything taught to them and review for their interviews. If not we might have to move them back a little but I think we can do it. They are understanding so well and learning very fast. Sunday again everyone was there so its all going good and they are all on track so that was my week. Just been the same for awhile now. Well have a great Christmas season. Get some good use out of the cabin for me and the snowmobiles. Tell everyone hi and have a good week. Love you all Love Elder Robison

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