Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Email 2/5/13

 I just got out of the temple we did initatories  today so that was good after we go to the temple we get to eat the temple breakfast which is really nice because the food at the mtc is pretty bad i have lost over 7 pounds when I weighed last. We haven't had any apostles come talk to us yet but maybe today we will, who knows but everything is going good I still dont know the language yet but I guess that's fine.  I would like to be leaving to the Philippines but I have 3 more weeks.  I hope you are all doing really good it sounds like the snow is awesome.  Hopefully I will be able to send pictures soon but I need to find out how to do that.  Some one said there is only one building that you can print them at so I will try today.  There has been about a foot of snow here but it is starting to melt.  So Shaylee is pretty excited I am sure me and her will get home around the same time so that will be cool.  My missionary visa expires on the 1 of January and if it expires I either have to renew it or leave the country.  Mine is different than a lot of kids.  Mine is two weeks less that everyone else I don't know if its a good or bad thing I guess we will just see.  Did you talk to Austin and is he getting excited or nervous or what. Tell me about like when you guys go do things with the Jacobs and how they are doing. I haven't got a letter in almost a week from Camry so I just figure your all really busy. Not much has happened here nothing too exciting.  I just sit in class all day and only study the language so I feel like we don't get to learn anything about the gospel so that kinda sucks but I guess this is what all people do. Since we are on the 6 week program we have so many things we have to do in the day and please fax my immunization record so i don't get stuck here for even longer that wouldn't be good. Well i don't think you are going to email back today.  Sorry it was early it might be like this for the next few weeks. Oh and I talk to Sara all the time she still hates this place it sounds like but I like to talk to her cause it helps me to see someone from home everyday. Love you I'll write a letter and send it today and write back as soon as possible love you bye.

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