Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter 2/4/13

Family, well everything is going mubuti, other than I am not getting the language at all but it's fine I guess. Not much changes from day to day, other than Elder Holmes our District Leader has to go home to get surgery on his shoulder. The whole district all sang the song God Be with You till we Meet again. he is going straight to the Philippines in 8 weeks. It was a pretty cool experience. he started crying. Normally he would of been able to stay but we have so many more missionaries coming they don't have room to let him stay. he is really bummed out. By summer there will be about 6500 missionaries here double what there are now. I will be glad to be out of here by then. Really I would like to be gone now but the next three weeks are to prove myself to Heavenly Father so he can bless me. Faith without works is dead is a good quote about that. Everything is good. Thanks for everything. Love you all! Love Elder Robison

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