Thursday, February 7, 2013

Letter 2/8/13 (Week 3)

Well today is P-day and I emailed but you weren't on so we didn't get to talk. That's alright we have been really busy just going to class trying to learn the language. Me and Sara talk all the time she is on my floor so that's awesome. She says Abby loves her mission now that she is out of the MTC. I hope that's how I feel because Matt and Kendall were right this is a bad place to be in for very long. You really feel like you are in prison. The whole place is fenced off and there is a huge mountain out of my class window that reminds me of snowmobiling every day. Friends do help make the time go by. I actually have made friends with this huge Tongan. Every time he sees me he always comes up and like hugs me. he is huge like two of me. it almost knocks the air out of me every time. He just says whats up friend. We play volleyball in gym together. Gym is the only time you feel like a normal person here. It will be over soon and I will be in the Philippines and I am really excited for that other than the heat. Our teacher says when the power goes out in the night your fan turns off and you wake up in a puddle of sweat. They also said you will be lucky to see one snake especially in my mission. Oh and I will just have to send my SD card cause they don't print pictures so just send the pics back and I will write on the backs what they are. This is a short letter because nothing new ever happens so I love ya all thanks again for everything. Mom I know you have been waiting for this but I really appreciate all that you do and have done for me it's been a big help so thank you. Love Elder Robison

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