Friday, February 1, 2013

Letter 1/31/13 (Week 2)

It sounds like everything is going really good at home. it seems like I haven't seen you all in a long time even though its only been a few weeks. it sounds like everything on the farm is the same as when I left with everyone just standing around. it's really good to hear from you guys. Your letters always help make the time pass quickly. I have met some really cool people here that have really helped strengthen my testimony. I met a kid named Elder Winterson. he has a full ride scholarship to the U. He told us this story after we gave Elder Holmes a blessing. he is our zone leader. He has a hurt shoulder and might need surgery. in the blessing the kid said to have faith to be healed. After that Winterson was crying a little and asked if he could share a story that happened to him. He said before he received his scholarship he got hurt the second game of the season. He broke his collarbone. He said it crushed him. The U wouldn't give him the scholarship if he couldn't play so he was way down. One night his mom read him a scripture on faith and when she did he decided to leave it up to the Lord. His dad told him this quote he said "work as if it all depends on you, and pray as if it all depends on your Heavenly Father". He worked really hard and within 4 weeks he was able to play the rest of the season and still got a full ride. This is a good example of faith. Well it sounds like everything is going good. We haven't heard any big speakers yet. We missed Elder Holland. He was here the Tuesday before we got here. I can't use that picture site here because we don't have an internet thing. Thanks for the letters. Love Elder Robison

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