Thursday, February 21, 2013

Letter 2/21/13

Letter 2/21/13

Family, this is the last letter I'll be writing from the MTC. It's crazy that I am leaving next Tuesday. But it sounds like your all doing really good and having fun. I am running out of stuff to say about this place. I am kind of tired of the same thing everyday. I sent my schedule home in Camry's birthday package. I actually don't have anything to send home so don't expect a package from me. I am really excited but way nervous because I don't know hardly any of the language. As for here it's all the same. We still go to 6 hours of class. On Thursday we have infield orientation that's a 9 hour training so I don't know what to think about it because that is a really long training. Then on next Tuesday I have to be at the travel office at 5 in the morning. We leave and I'll call from like 10:15 to about 12 from Portland. Make sure to answer. My letters I hope get better when I get there. They should be more exciting I hope. It will be good to have some change in my life. I just hope I get a good trainer and a good area. I can't wait for my first progressing investigator. A real one. The other day we had another one commit to baptism but she is just an actor so it made me happy but I want a real one but I also don't want to screw up my first one to the point that they don't like the church. I hope I do good. I should get some good pictures when I am there. That stinks for Sara that her first Sunday she had to do all that but she will do good. Oh and on Wednesday I am hosting and my friend Quinn Nelson is coming in. Ask Camry about him he is the funniest kid. So hopefully I'll get to host him in. Other than that that's all I am doing here so I can't wait to call you all. Thank you for all the support I am getting it's great. I love you guy's so take care (Inaat). I'll send my other SD card when I get mine back. So there isn't very many pics so sorry about that. Love you all (Mahal po kayo)
Mahal Elder Robison

I actually got a call today from Kaden and they changed their travel plans so he now leaves Monday at 11:00 instead of Tuesday. He sounded good but nervous.

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